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Wayne Wysocki Aug 2018
spaceX dragon flies
upward to the space station
cargo delivered
KathleenAMaloney Aug 2016
Baby. You just don't got
What My Body Says is Life

A RaRe  Bird
This One that Singhs
Not Many
Can Orbit the Sun  like That
Holding The Earths Imagination
So Tiffinay Tight  
The Waters Edge
Feels Like a Breath
Has Been Given

Holdin out
For You
My Heart
Your Prayer
Your Love
My Life

Pleasures Swaying Madness
Orbiting Eternal Pleasure
Lights Satellite
Embracing Darkness

Kiss Smudged
Across the Banks
Of A  Moonlit Rivers Appetite

Outer Space for a Guitar Pick

Cause Baby
For the  Inner Galaxy
I've Got You
Inside Me

— The End —