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meowddy Sep 2014
I am proud of my stretch marks
they are war paint
for the battle people call life

I am proud of my thunder thighs
they make it easier to
smash the patriarchy

I am proud of my chub
it keeps my heart warm
against the cold winds of people's insults

no longer will I let misogynistic views
control my life and
decide my social standing

and no longer will I be told that
I'm pretty "for a fat girl"
or smart "for a fat girl"
or kind "for a fat girl"

because fat is not a taboo word
and longer will I let you
define who I am with a simple word
that cannot hurt me
Frank Ruland May 2014
WAR! What is it good for? Pretty much ******* everything if you take into account your freedom. Get off it, you ******* hippies. I mean, except for abolishing slavery, ******, communism, and fascism, it's hardly accomplished anything. Go over to Iraq right now, find an insurgent, offer him flowers and a joint. Just see if be doesn't blow a hole clean through your head with his AK47. Every one of your skull fragments strewn across those bloodied sands would've been another reason why we have men across the globe, ready to put themselves on the line. Not saying I'm a warmonger that's looking to go waving my gun around just to make an impression, but there are people out there with agendas that include wiping your mug off the face of the Earth. And a lot of those times, those people don't understand anything other than violence. When you have tyrants that are all too willing to to douse their own people in mustard gas, I think that warrants some opposition. Who else is going to stand up to tyrants when they disallow their people freedom of speech or any access to the outside world? When you have narcissistic modern-day Caligulas running around, trying to annihilate an entire race  and call it a cleansing, what are you going to do? Write the ******* a concerned letter and hope he'll be your pen pal? You know, just for ***** and giggles, I'd actually like to see how that'd turn out. Maybe ******'s heart would've grown three sizes that's day and the Holocaust would've been stopped dead in its tracks. Hell, why don't we send Al-Qaeda invites to a peace conference at Burning Man? I'm sure they wouldn't turn your sorry ***** into effigies of the main attraction with a rocket propelled grenade. I'm sorry-- I'm being facetious. You go right ahead and protest our soldiers. I'm sure they love fighting off drives of militants with dreams of eradicating your families, just to come home to their own people picketing them with scolding signs. After all, it's not like they're fighting to uphold the ideas of our ancestors or anything. We're handed freedom, just like when our country's forefathers decided Great Britain wasn't so great anymore and wanted to go hang a foreign flag somewhere else. God almighty... Who are you that you do not know your history? Surely, someone who thinks that war gets us nowhere.
Frank Ruland May 2014
Can anyone tell me what this astounding fascination with marijuana is? Do we really have nothing better to do than sit on a couch, light one up and watch replays of a yellow sponge living in a pineapple? I feel sorry for those of you laughing-- that wasn't a joke. But what I do find funny is how you ***** about nothing in society is getting done, when you smoke yourself into a distant state of apathy whenever you have the cash to burn. Speaking of burning-- how many bowls have you gone through today? How many times have you consulted your towering tube of glass in regards to finding a temporary high you become fixated with chasing? Tell me that's not an addiction. I don't know how you could be addicted to that ****--that pungent, lingering scent which invades the eyes, nose and throat. Yeah, cigarettes give you cancer, but that would be a welcomed reprieve from slowly burning through my IQ. I'd take being terminally ill over being a lazy, unmotivated, uninspired sack-of-**** any day. At least I'd still have my dignity intact. Say what you will, but I will take solace in my freedom from enslavement from that *****, Mary Jane. While you're complaining that the government's iron grip on your ****** is too tight, I'll be laughing at how your obsession has more control over you than anything else. And just from me to you--if you're going to develop an addiction, try being a ******* red blooded American, pick up a bottle of Jack, and drink yourself numb like the rest of us.

— The End —