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Tips of pine
Curves of birch curls
Against the crimson scarlet
slight of eve
I rest my eyes

Gently, I wipe the soft oak table
Cotton and lace draped
Fruit ń avocados
nestled in a bowl
A sweet for the morning

The day dissolves
My weary mind
My weary bones
My heart...weary

I turn from the world
Tuning into only the
simplest, base sounds
Hues of gentle reflection

The angst that
has gripped
too many moments
of too many hours
of too many days
Just now begins to ebb
Just now able
to breathe
at a gentle gait

Three down comforters and
feather pillows fluffed into a nest
My shoulders can rest
Lights down low,
I find my warmth
within this
divine softness

Shutting down...
The sounds,
the warmth
my breath
Let the dreams take me away

Copyright © 2017.
Christi Michaels.
All Rights Reserved.
Hannah Jane Call Oct 2016
all i do is break up friends
hurt their bonds
burn the ends
all i do is make them cry
and it's my fault every time.

all i ask is not for love
time to remove
it means to shove
all i ask for is empty
for everyone to leave me.

— The End —