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brandon nagley Jan 2016

Seraphim, betimes we shalt crack this inter-web bourn, awaiteth I, tis with tear's from these eye's, though the waiting wilt purify, ourn ventricles to an unfamiliar door.


None reason for Affright, mine soul doth leadeth the way, O' amour' Jane, thine hari's here to stay. Afresh to the new day, ourn canorous spirit's pave the serenade; something lost to olden flutes.


Barefeet- None sandals, the luggage we carrieth wilt be of God, almighty; supernatural. Powerful crystalline stone- lucid, god-hand castles.


It's not against flesh and blood love, that we do wrestle, but against spiritual wickedness in high and low places, we conquer demonic armies, and nephilim faces. An ambassage we sendeth to the human races, that they mayest love another, and forgive, and to forget their past disgraces. As tis Queen Jane; alms wilt be seen on the wall's, encased with ourn names. As I wilt catcheth thee, when through the cloud's thou doth fall...

©Brandon Nagley
©Lonesome poet's poetry
©Earl Jane Nagley ( Filipino rose) dedicated
Betimes- means in good time.   archaic form.
Inter-web, having to do with technology, computer world..internet...
Bourn - archaic word for boundary.
Tis- means - it is. Archaic form...
Affright means - to frighten...
Hari means - ( king) in Filipino tongue...
Afresh means- again, or also anew. I mean again.
canorous means- melodious or resonant.
God-hand is a word I made up just now lol. Means made by gods hands .
Lucid- means bright or luminous.
nephilim- are the offspring talked about in genesis. The offspring that came from fallen angels ( demons) or known as the watchers coming down and sleeping with human women. Thus making nephilim.. Or giant beings... Which fun fact. The Smithsonian museum is now coming out to tell us they have over 1,000 plus skeletons "kind of human like" 18 feet tall. No joke look up and giant bones and bodies are all over the world... You think the old stories of giants were a myth from legends of Greece. Where mine ancestors are from. And around the whole world? I don't think so. Very much real friend . .and the government hides this from mainstream news. Media. Science so on. Lol the USA used to have articles on giants alot back in early nineteen hundreds though then they stopped putting huge giant bodies they found in paper.   Wanted to keep silent on it. Nope coming out as has more lately..  Sorry fun fact lol (:::
ambassage is - a message...
Alms- means Giving to the poor to help them, of charity.

— The End —