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Karmen Jun 1
Blindly loved or love be blind whatever peace my heart defines. My body my soul was given like blood for my life was forsaken from the one that I loved. Was alone, bruised, torn but for worse the feeling of left confused. Was it me, what I do my heart poured for a live I lived for. A family home, a career a journey never to believe this man and his irony. Although carrying his only child was betrayed numerous times girls that hasn’t even ran my mile. I wouldve done, could’ve done and then still did mainly because I was having a kid. Swalled my pride put my insecurity aside for what to be left alone to cry. Yet now 3 years later my heart looks back back feel peace and endurance to God set my only track. He built my strength off pain cheating and absue to allow me to see he is the is the only man my heart shall choose.
My cousin shared this writing with me. I felt the poem should be shared with all

— The End —