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ChildofGodyay Jun 2018
Taking root inside hearts,
poisoning people, manipulating their pulse.

Time after time, their visions gets blur,
they don't know what they are doing
that all they do is not their own.

Hearts of gold, jewelery emblossoming their minds. Flowers made by money, adorning their heads, they'd do anything to get that extra cash.

When they lose everything they have,
they break, they wither, they melt down crying bitterly. They counted their lives on money, leaned on them,
made out of them, that when they lose it all, all they do is to break down and sob.

An ongoing murderer, not yet caught,
embraced even, they wear it like a gown. It will not be long till they fall
down, down, down.
do give me some feedback! Would love to have some corrections and learn more!

— The End —