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Deb Jones Mar 2019
I am going to assume most of you may already know this but if you buy or are given opioids from people you don’t know well enough to trust or even people you trust who may not know better....

They look exactly like OxyContin or Vicodin, Percocet, Xanex but they may be homemade and cut with Fentanyl.

They get the Fentanyl from China.

People can buy a pill maker from amazon or eBay and also the stamps that imprint on the pills and you can’t tell them apart from the real pharmaceutical medications.

****** is derived from morphine. But Fentanyl is  morphine-like except 50-100 times more powerful.

Because the drug pushers are cutting them with synthetic made Fentanyl they are not monitoring the amount of Fentanyl they are using.

One kid was given a xanex because he was having problems sleeping. He took a quarter of the pill. He died in his sleep.

We are having an epic crisis. 64,000 in 2016. Think about that for a minute.
66% of those deaths were due to Fentanyl.

A tiny amount of Fentanyl...less than a speck of loose powder can ****.

In one small college town there were over 20 overdoses in one night. One was a woman that took one Vicodin to sleep and she OD’d on Fentanyl that she didn’t even know she was taking. Just one pill can **** you.

The government is even looking at Fentanyl as a drug to use as a lethal injection for death row inmates.

I was given Fentanyl once about 6 months ago for a kidney stone. I melted into the bed and knew my breathing was shallow. The next few hours I couldn’t even keep my oxygen level up. They gave me oxygen and my heart rate slowed significantly. I had to be told to take a deep breath over and over again. When I was finally able to feel like I could express myself, I told them never, ever again.

Please tell your kids not to accept pills from anyone. I know we already have those talks with them. But really say it more than once.

At $9 a pop per fake Vicodin even preteens are using them.

If you have read this so far then I just want to say one other thing.

Prince died of Fentanyl toxicity. But the only pills they found in his home was Vicodin. He became addicted after a hip replacement. A man that would not allow drugs around him. When tested they were fake and all the ones tested were lethal doses. 1 pill.

Rob Sandman Dec 2017
Started off simple you were smokin joints with your mates,
14years old hangin around at the school gates,
a juvenile delinquent,little pain in the ***,
a father at 15 grew up way too fast,
the Irish system failed you,kicked you out at 16,
moved in with your girl,a baby raised by 2 teens,
no real education so crime is your path,
tried your hand at a blag+ended up in pats(Irish Juvenile Detention),

So whats the matter sonny? life's not like the flicks,
criminals get caught,so get used to the nick,
but **** it now you're 18 thinkin' you're an O.G.,
and when you end up in the joy(Mountjoy Prison) you say listen to me,
got your apprentices in robbin,sellin poppin off fightin,
feelin like a crime titan,think you're Irelands mike tyson,
do a few more blags court dates count up,
another girl gets pregnant so the problems mount up

"I've seen the needle and the damage done, a Syringe in a Vein is like a loaded gun"

You could get a job,but **** that work's for dopes,
you spend your days dodging court dates,bangin' out dope,
snortin coke with your mates,all hard as nails,
while the real crims sit back and count their sales
all you are is a customer,forget the smiles,
there'll be another fool parted from his money in a while,
your mate johno flipped out from a long coke binge,
now he's sittin in the john o gods(Christian Rehab centre),shivering and cringin',

That'll never be you,you got a real game plan,
got a cousin who's a driver on Securicor vans,
so you hire out a shotgun,on with the bally(Balaclava),
hit the van in broad daylight,and run for an alley,
but guess whats waiting? a Special Branch team(Armed Gardai),
get the **** on the ground! is what they all just scream,
now you're banged up bigtime,a 10yr stretch
got your first bag of gear(Irish name for Smack) from a kid named fletch

"well every cloud's got a silver lining  these years,
the only silver you see is tin foil for your gear,
you gave your life for a buzz that passed way to soon,
its only now you get to see the dark side of the spoon"

well its release day,Seven years down the line,
three years in remission for good behaviour time
went in the Joy a teenager,comin out a man,
with a habit that's longer than a nuns,*******
went from hash and pills to a sharper doom
your life's over,now you're on the dark side of the spoon

so you slip into the underworld,but no more blags,
robbers don't trust junkies,and your hooked through the bag,

you whine about your bad breaks,how you coulda been big,
cos you're a shadow of yourself man,smack is a pig
you're too busy to contemplate,its rob,rob,rob,
and your arms are fulla craters,so there's still no job,
you got your girl hooked too man,ain't you great,
you look at life through eyes gummed up with hate,
social welfare have put you on a methadone course,
but that ***** just as bad,it just makes you worse,

your lifes flying by now in a haze of drugs,
morphine,Oxy,blueys(******) anything for a buzz,
Skip on a few years...**** what does it matter,
days pass like mist,the gears all that matters
your girlfriends screamin' ,babies long gone,
for both of you the needle sings a sad sad song,
look behind ya - your progress is as straight as a die,
another Irish ****** ****** up your life til you die,

The smack dealers are laughin' ,Politicians don't care,
you're a skinny,pale sweaty robbin' smack nightmare,
you gave away your whole life for the solace of a spike,
it didnt cost 4million,its cheap,it cost a life(the Spire in Dublin cost 4 Million(at least) to *****, and is coloquially known as "The Spike")

who the **** can you blame?,you made your own decision,
when you first creased a vein with a simple incision,
infusion of the drug is all you care about now,
the Dark side of the Spoon,there's no way out now

Well every clouds got a silver linin' but these years,
the only silver ya see is tinfoil for your Gear,
gave your life for a buzz that passed WAY too soon,
life's over now, you're on the Dark side of the Spoon

This is a distinctly Irish view of the ******/****** Epidemic,
I wrote it over ten years ago and have lost many friends through Overdoses,Disease and misadventure since then,
I have explained some of the "Irish Slang" in it, but hope that people will take the rest in without needing crib notes!,
I am always available to talk if anybody feels that ANY Drug is getting the better of them,
I offer non-judgemental non denominational common sense advice to all,
If you would like to see and hear The Dark Side of the Spoon put to music with a Slideshow video I put together many years ago here is the link,
please comment and let us know what you think!

— The End —