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beth stclair Jun 2017
"where night in the shadows or the freedom of the wind"

night, dark shadows swept
under the trees that scatter
whispering that they are
soaked in the ice-breath
of the sky,

the night has fled,
her dreams the fleeing
wind, questioning the
skies where the clouds
fade to nothing, kings
of the crumbling hills,

if i tell you i love you
you'll always love me
back because it is in my
seams, seamstress that
i am of island flowers
and strange ghosts,
flower of ink where
the darkness flows away
and the stars trace their

silver maps. i hold all my
love in a quiver and like
a god i'll slay you with
just one arrow if you
ever leave me like a dust,

link my arm as we walk
so boldly through the
dark shadows of the
night, where the wind
flees and the moon
steers her way through
our passions and trials,

we cry out to the wilderness
that breathes us,
and while i cry i kiss
your neck, your eyes
your lips.

— The End —