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Nastaj'a Nov 2015
May you experience the love your soul yearns for
The love that your mind haven't learnt yet
The one that leaves your body on fire with the warmth that shines through your eyes, pores,
Your smile
May you be blessed with the love you need, not want
Awesome Annie Jun 2015
He takes my hand in his,
tilting his head so his brown eyes turn into me.
He's looking to hard,
with such intensity,
I feel myself folding like crumbled paper.

I don't really know him..
I look at him as he presses me to have another drink,
I already know how tonight will end,
me intoxicated and foolish.

I suppressed the thought of someone else,
his lips met mine so intensely.
Hands tugging through my hair,
mouth gasping stolen sentiments,
as he takes me greedily in his bed.

My hands shake,
and I feel bare as we collide,
my long thin body intertwined with his.
Alcohol making my skin warm,
his body busting after what feels like not long.

I know when I awake in the morning,
that I'll feel incomplete.
the part of me given to him missing,
another notch on this man's belt,
and another unspoken name on my list.

— The End —