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Benton 254 Dec 2018
I thought of the idea I couldn't weep
I thought of the idea i couldn't sleep
Late night movies watching creep
Never been a champ at my crib
Loved her and treated her like my rib
Into the throne like a queen
Old songs i sang to my sleep
Tormented enough not for my dream
Thousand opportunities i saw them slip
Into the night the rain falls still
Thunders strikes hard
Turn up my eyes to the dark gay sky and I strain still
Did my exams at the main
Hard day for love I felt the lain
Never greed
But felt the slain
Never promised to love again
Last time caused my manners had my feeds
This ain't the old you knew
But a replica  of whats new..
late night talks
Its a rainny night and thoughts flood like roads from the heavy rain that fell heavy....
All about love and being love back...

— The End —