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Lerin Apr 2018
My love was constant and sensitive.
Your love was shifty and repulsive.
My love was a work in progress
Your love was impulsively agrressive
My love was liberation
Your love was dictatorship
My love was repetitive
Your love was bipolar
My love was yours to believe and ours to cherish
Your love was covered in guilt drowned in insecurities cornered to lies
My love was receiving and giving
Your love was giving constantly doubting on mine never ready for receiving
My love was enough. Enough to make us live and move ahead to a beautiful future.
Your love was there but never enough to made you stay.
To the one who broke my heart.
Jake O'Donnell Jun 2017
Currently online.

Two chat heads active.
My fragile heart though, in one.

Friends online: 87.
Last seen: 16:43.
Really, ignoring me?

But who are you talking to?
Delivered. Delivered. Is this deliberate?
Are you busy, are you with someone? Who is he?
Don't you see what you do to me?

— Minutes since message sent: 320 or more,
Years together: best part of four.
I’m not counting but
Is he the one from your instagram?

Friends nearby: 6.
Last seen: 23:55.

Flick up to clear all apps,
And with that my heart,


— The End —