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HaiQ May 2020
Stale glass of water
A dissatisfying sip
I drink it again
HaiQ May 2020
A touch of yellow
There on its own, not for me
But how sweet it is
HaiQ May 2020
Be away from me
I tire of your clinging
Don't make me touch you
A stray plastic bag in the wind
HaiQ May 2020
This fire spreads fast
Ravaging my foundation
I beg for ashes
HaiQ May 2020
Feeling like a snail
Will I ever leave this shell?
I miss the garden
HaiQ May 2020
My only joy now
Is the sunshine on my face
When will I feel warm?
HaiQ May 2020
Feeling like a leaf
Swept away in a cold gust
My tree is long gone
Been missing that feeling of 'home' lately.
sea, soft harbour of summer,
where the breezes drift
and the dawn tide pales like cloud.

summer’s roses bloom
while the dawn tide pales like cloud
and sweet breezes drift.

where sweet breezes drift
the dawn tide pales like cloud, the
rose of summer blooms.
harley r noire Sep 2018
joy in saltwaters
plus lights, camera, action
bitter knock on door
the daydream was pleasant, though. another (failed) attempt on a simple haiku.
harley r noire Jul 2018
lone fish in the lake
lost faith in its feeble fins
and then gone for aye
another haiku. at least i tried. the prompt of a writing challenge on LINE told me to write with fish on it, so this happened.
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