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Sienna Feb 19
A little native girl,
went upon her day,
not yet understanding,
what was to come her way.

Pale people on ships,
descending down the bay,
would go on to take her,
far, far away.

Too young to comprehend,
her life would never be the same,
and was ripped from beneath her feet,
without any shame.

A glimpse of harsh reality,
in the darkness there she lay,
only foreign men lying to her,
telling her it was okay.

Years went on by,
the destruction of our say,
the blood of the ******,
is now in our vein.

Their newest family,
yells that nothing will ever change;
we cause nothing but issues,
"Just shut up and assimilate,"
Danielle L Cook May 2020
i'm white, my skin is just pale enough that if you squint just right you can't even see the brown lying underneath.
i'm white, and i feel my privilege like a vice around my wrists, holding me hostage in my fantasy that i just wasn't made for this activist ****.
but i'm not like those white oppressors, because i don't believe as they do; silence is a form of oppression, so guess what that makes you?
i am guilty of closing my eyes so often i may as well be blind, and holy ******* **** THIS HAS HAPPENED TOO MANY TIMES!
we all know at this point that justice isn't being served, and you've surely heard the terms, reactionary solidarity it means we as the privileged only care when the oppressed scream so loud we hear them across the seas, see their smoke signals above the trees, when mothers and sisters on crying on their knees
i don't know what else to say. educate yourselves, your friends, and even your racist aunt karen. donate to the people on the ground fighting. record anything you see. use your voice and if you're white or white-passing like i am go to protests and use your body to shield your poc brothers and sisters because tbh we are farrrr less likely to be targeted by police when things escalate. be safe and hold yourself acountable. i really really want to do that myself, i am honestly disgusted with my past behaviour and i'm taking steps to be a real ally.

Text FLOYD to 55156, its like a petition their going to use to take George Floyds murderers to justice.

— The End —