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Sajal Ahmed Jun 2018
The seat of the earth trembles in the sky;
The goddess was shaking
Afraid of me.
I want to go - to the sixth part of heaven, in front of God.
I have an emergency meeting with him.
I do not want to allow the gods to let me go, I started slapping!
I do not trust myself!
I started giving birth to the children of goddesses!
I took the children of the goddess, children and goddesses of the world, to punished of their father.

Keep thinking, your skin color is red
You are in No Man's Land,
There are no obstacles in this way.
Here the birds have big ears.
And sparrows sing songs
You're going to the top of the steep mountain
Underneath the clouds,
Chocolate plated in a frozen ice cream,
There is no cure around.
The cloud is on top of the alignment
Imagine going to go - there is not a moon or two moon,
Blue-colored devil gets death trap
Over the snare is the zodiac
Red-blue red to blue stars
Have to look
Will be dawn.
Eyes look downward,
Think of the way dust,
Grass Look at the side Grasshopper now let's take a long jump. What a strange! What a strange!
The frogs roared in the grass, and called for the calling of the grass, and called to the neck! Diffusion white water, do not get thirsty rainy taste! Dreams Bona,
The Book of Revels Rehale, looking at the sky, think the sky, and no magic!
The insect of any corner of the world will not be missed by one eye, after seeing in your sight all the insects that eat insects by insects. **** it
By the heavens! By oath of the green grass, the day of Mute!
You were not born to die because you died!

I asked the mountains, the sun, the moon and the creatures, "Who am I?"
Their necks were then bowed down. Me and
Hundreds of millions of mountains, the sun, and the moon fell down and said, "The head of my lord is set up, we are becoming entangled!"
Then I turned to God.
Then I asked God the same question.
My neck was high then.
God asked me to kneel down the neck!
I played thirsty, because I immediately recognized my existence and identity!

Walking the long way
Under the feet
Under the floor
Injured wings
My body is dead
The venom of poison
Do not believe to be killed!
Began to be pained
Seeing the unstoppable clumps
Apex venomous snake
Look at the tune only!

A bird's ears
There is no other wings.
A bird cry
The other goes on the roof.
Trapping a bird
Others go to the moon.
They are all birds of the age
Home in the same state
After a bird smile
The rest of the others!
They also at the Gherfhere
One goes to the sky,
Where is the destination of a bird?
No one knows!

More than once I tried
My neck is not lowered!
There is a lot to leave outside the suburbs
I do not feel good..
Where did the god worshiped, where did God go?
Why do not you see me?
What a weird mood
Worshiped on the Lord's footsteps
Every evening and every morning,
My Lord's worship is no more
Do not mind!
I lost;
This is an unbearable pain!
Why do not you see me?

— The End —