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Amanda Mar 2019
If I hadn't said yes
To a friend
I wouldn’t be here today
Not in the mood, looking a mess
But, a birthday to attend
No, was not an option to play

So, into the city the girls and me
Ready to dance
Forget the broken heart misery
A few hours and I can begin to see
The old smile, a chance
To laugh and chat happily

Wasn’t looking for a romance
But your eyes
Spoke of the possibility
So, I smiled, opening the chance
With no hidden lies
Risking my heart, as it beat its plea

Talking above the throbbing music beat
Oblivious to the heat of the crowd
As they moved to tribal sway
Hours in the dark, a corner seat
I hear your voice, above the constant loud
Chatter, as your smile takes me away

So many years have since passed
But I can still hear the song
That accompanied that first touch of lips
I knew that it would not be the last
As we pushed our way through the throng
And outside, our arms became an eclipse

Was on the cards we joined our address
Then soon after, we joined in marriage blend
Looking back, I believe fate had a hand to play
Because, if you hadn’t said yes
That night, to a friend
You wouldn’t be here today

— The End —