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You came in my heart like a SNOW,
I am a tree which feeling very low,
And thirsty for sweet talk coz I have only listned harsh word of crow.

I loved the way you fall on me in winters,
And the way you tinker's me, I love you in every way
I may have lost all my leaves due to cold.
But your presence in me makes me  beautiful and bold
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Prerna Sinha Aug 2019
And one fine day,
I saw her departing.
She stood still and calm,
My love that had no life.
In my errands to find her,
And give her life.
Tried to reinstate love in her,
Missed the warmth of her arms.
And love pouring from her words,
Lied meaningless before me.
My head on the coffin of her,
And hopes of her being immortal.
That she would wake up,
To kiss me alive.
She was mortal,
But was so was her love?
This is a poem I dedicate to my Grandma, who left for heavenly abode 4 years back. She is alive in me, and she has taught me the most powerful lesson of life 'Love, and when you love, love unconditionally'.

— The End —