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Gianna May 2021
I don't love this life,
Though I must admit,
It has its beautiful moments.
Yet, also a million times of grief.

Grief for the past we have lost,
Grief for the ones that are gone,
Grief for the moments we lived,
Not knowing how to let them go.

I have cried a thousand oceans,
Just  to find myself here.
Waiting on something uncertain,
Afraid of letting  grief go.

What are we without it?
Who should we seek if not it?
Even when happy moments do happen;
It's still there, stealing the smiles within me.

Someday all of this will be gone.
Dust shall go back to what it is.
We all will meet somewhere,
Where that word will never exist.
Life after loss
Mei Sep 2020
"Loss" is a thing with stingers
That stings the soul
And wails the tunes in silence-
And never goes away-
At all.

"Time" is its best companion
For some other time,
the aches are much much more
To make you bend and curl.
And there are times,
life's appetite is dull and slouchy
But most likely
you'll get up and carry on...

— The End —