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Kush Feb 2018
My hands reached for yours
Holding them in between
Just like it happened
In all dreams, I had seen

You smiled; I smiled
"You are beautiful," I said
"No. You are." You said
As if in protest.
Kush Feb 2018
I lay down fondling around with some thoughts still wet with memories I drew in from the oceans you made. Theres plenty to drown me but i still feel starved often when I feel lonely. Sometimes I forget that you were there... And that you still are.

The fan hanging from ceiling, must too have feelings
Cuz it shushes me to sleep
Pulling me away from a league
Of broken dreams, stopping me from wrecking some more

Do you know when I cry
A gust of wind gushes by
Instantly drying my tears
I wish if I could
To blow my sadness away with it
But alas
I spent my wishes wishing you back
When you were already there

I do silly things sometimes
I don't really think sometimes
I asked forgiveness when there wasn't a mistake
Lend a hand foreword, there was nothing to take

Did we really had to fight
Scratching a tale under wet pillows overnight
It wasn't necessary.

I guess that phase is over
And if it come backs if ever
Don't let down ur ego and cry
Don't think of me and you'll be fine
Okay then lay back down
And lets see, this time
How this turns out.

— The End —