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Candis Soul Feb 17
I feel empty
The tears stream down
Plotting a victory
Nothing seems to take shape
The glass has shattered
My memories bring me guilt and shame
My memories drive my pain away
My memories make me feel awake
My memories forever a good thing

Peachy to the taste
If this makes sense
I have yet to understand true bliss
Love I felt years ago
Reciprocated no more
With a shhh and a blow
Taken away without lifting a finger
This is the most hollow I have felt
1, 2, 3, 4....all have left
Put down with a promise ring
Forever lost in the endless sea
My heart has skipped a beat and flown high
The difference is I am still down on earth
Wishing I could fly
Far from my agony, far from the dust
Nothing seems to matter these days
Why do I have such luck
Waiting for my big break but weighted down
You all see my smiling...inside I frown
I hate the world today
My life isn’t a mess
I just want my brain to take a small rest
I feel empty
The cave is full
My emotions, life, ego
My heart has once again fallen
Not the way you think
I ache with grief regretting my past everything
It is a wrap....nothing will bring you back after you take this step. Rings and fingers seems so

— The End —