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Ikimi Festus Feb 2019
Insanity is the new normal,
hate Without reasons, they different.
In to out
two becoming one flesh?
To hold fast?
To be joined to a wife?
That's all sht menh.
Holy matrimony no longer for
The straight, but hell yeah hallelujah the ****-gay-dudes, and others.
Advance we are,
This time the government dudes got it right,
The human right thingy bla bla bla, you know... emmm whatever, point is
we spreading true love Bro, same-*** marriages,
I trust the system,
No taboo in the idea dude, all is human nature.
Your life is yours
Take a shot to the head, if you wish
Jump from any desired structure on high or dive into the ocean thingy...
Yeah that's right
We answer to nobody, the government dudes said it has been a big lie, fiction game or somethingy,just To control our mind state.
The heaven is here on earth paradise.
Let's make money,
All means
Let's plus it,
And get ****** high like f
ck yeah.
certainly living by the golden rule of loving our neighbours as ourselves would be of no effect, they better stick to them business
Freedom! Freedom!! Freedom!!!
We finally free.

Greetings and Farewell words of friends,
they cleave in fellowship,
And soon to cleave in sorrow to aching  heart.
Final wave, in moment coming, all to disappears,
hush of silent tears,
Through thoughts disturbed current flows
"Why can't sorrow be so kind
As to hide away?"
Shall I hide from em what I am about to do?"
"The outcry of ***** and Gomorrah is indeed great, and their sin is exceedingly grave. I will go down now, and see if they have done entirely according to its outcry, which has come to Me; and if not, I will know."
K Balachandran Feb 2016
She is clad
in white,
even the stain
on her satin
is pallid.
As tear drops
well up
in both eyes,
she pleads,
"For God's sake
always wear white,
Do not  provoke
the bull in heat
by showing red
in front of the
huffing beast"

Spare a thought
for her, discern
her reasoning
well, see her plight
with open eyes.

Men in black
with violent streak
imbued from
stone age powwows
are on the march
through high streets,
colonizing homes.
Media, self obsessed
and power drunk,
periodically shriek
make mandatory
noises to please itself,
but to no avail,
in a globalized world,
strangely  getting
polarized in micro level
men and women, remain
just pawns pulled in to
the simmering cauldron
of boiling  turmoil.

But see this;
a woman in white,
holding up a white flag
she signals surrender
in abject fear,
can't attack her, right?
Within insulated walls, beyond Geneva convention (against torture)

— The End —