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laura Dec 2018
The snow has come,
And I can look forward to the days,
Where we go outside,
And build a snowman,
Where our mom finally lets us play tackle football,
Because it’s soft enough that we shouldn’t get hurt.
Shouldn’t anyways.
I can look forward to the days,
when my mom comes into my room on a school morning,
And says snow day,
You can go back to sleep!
I can look forward to sleepovers,
With best friends and going outside,
And making snow angels,
Then coming in and begging for hot cocoa,
With extra Reddi Whip,
That is why I look forward to snow.
Dreamer May 2014
Hot cocoa,
so saccharine,
so sweet,
Warm me through the bitterest winter,
the iciest claw of the wind

Hot cocoa,
melting on tasteless tongues
warming my tiny, gelid hands
You trickle and run down numb throats
leaving milky, brown streaks
on colorless lips

Hot cocoa,
rolling and tumbling in nippy stomaches
as my belly rumbles and thunders for more
Written in 4th grade! :)

— The End —