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Lingerie rustles
As hangers squeak and strain,
Sliding across the sturdy bars
That hold retail up,
Cradling profits,
Like a fistful of bills,
I yawn;
Exhausted by such a drearily normal moment;
A weary reminder
Of the long hours ahead of me,
And the demands of my
Ever-watchful overlords.
my mind wanders,
Thinking that perhaps sleep will come easily tonight,
Despite the wakeful rest I've found here
leaning on this
Perhaps it will be time to leave soon,
And reach
for the sunny skies I can see
taunting me from beyond the glass;
To leave behind this dusty,
And leap into adventures,
as of yet,
I sigh,
to be merely an observer to my working hell,
An unwilling participant
To the necessary waste
of a perfect Spring day.
Chad Young Mar 2018
Hour by hour down the highways,

Minute by minute down the neighborhoods,

Get out tha' truck,

go to the door,

open the back.

Talk to the customer,

bring tha' furniture in:

"where does it go?"

"how do ya' want it?"

In five minutes to an hour your furniture will be in place

for you to love.

How much overtime did you have this week?

— The End —