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Rachel Lyle Jul 2014
I look at Gabo,
white hair shining,
big smile on face.

I read the Wiki,
dig more deeply;
yearning for his taste.

I'm pained greatly
to never have known him
until after his final breath.

Oh, what a tragedy
to never know
someone so destined by fate.

If only I could pick his brain;
touch his hand;
dance a vallentao with His Grace.

But for now
I'll turn the page;
Imagine his sweet embrace.
If you have not read any of Gabriel Garcia Marquez's works, or know nothing of him, I urge you to look into it. He deserves to be known. I am currently working on an author study for ENG 112 that has proven to further my already immense love for a man I never knew.
K Balachandran Apr 2014
A melancholy ***** we came to adore
in mournful tone, finish the tale abruptly
and sob, uncontrollably;
"Memories of my melancholy ******'
including "Love in the times of cholera"
are now part of our folklore, this land
of cashew groves and banana plantations
in  Indian landscape, far far away from Latin American shores.

Her lascivious days are over
death visits the house of love, blood splattered
and a haunt of dark happenings, that begets children with tails,
shame, honor and secrets creep out of manuscripts.
Gabo is no more, no more"Living to tell the tale"
the Part Two, promised before.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez, after three false starts
goes to his final abode for rest, now.

A coded manuscript, written in
in classical Sanskrit,
(the language of all divine texts
of Indian sages of yore)
scripted by the mysterious gypsy,Melquiades
predicts the wipe out of Buendia clan
of five generations

Torrential rain and deluge engulf Macondo,
ends "One hundred years of solitude".
Gabo you point towards east
what is the answer to the conundrum of Buendias?

In Mexico city
they were preparing to take  Gabo to his last ride
to the origin of all magical realism he'd return

In a land far away,
yet exactly the same landscape as Latin Americas
we grieve his death as that of one of our own
Gabo, in past thirty years, you mysteriously taught us
to discern the magical realism of cosmos
World famous Colombian novelist Gabriel Jose de la Concordia Garcia Marquez ,(Gabo/el maesto to millions of fans of his writing) who died in Mexico city on Thursday is as much popular in Malayalam, the language of southern Indian state of Kerala,as the most popular contemporary writerwhere millions of copies of his novals are sold in Translation.News papers brought out special feature pages in honor of Gabo yesterday.

— The End —