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Arke Apr 2019
I make being bad feel so good
You do as you're told, like you should
Always great at taking direction
Agreeing to my every predilection
Your bruised knees as you kneel
Filth when you tell me how it feels
Bite down on the pillow and grab my skin
I'll make you feel good with a little sin
****** you with my lips and kiss
Say I'm all you've ever missed
Let me use the cuffs or crop
Tell me when you've had enough
Whisper something to make you blush
Love your skin when it gets flush
Let's spend all night, just the two of us
Hands pressed together, nothing left to discuss
Ivette Jan 2019
The moment I realize "Stop he has a girlfriend"
The moment I realize "Why does he talk to me this way when he has a girlfriend, why does he have to be this nice"
It's funny how you know how I feel about you but yet you still remain to be my friend, but why? It doesn't bother you??
So you decide to text me everyday all the way up to 3am with no trouble, but you have a girlfriend?
You said before when you meet me you thought I was attractive and you call me cute most of the time, But you have a girlfriend?

Do you do this on purpose to play with me?
Does your girlfriend know that you talk to me?
Is your girlfriend okay with you talking to a lot of girls?

YES...but why? You must be very trust worthy, and you treat every girl sooo special...but you have a girlfriend?
I don't know if I'm over thinking because all your friends say that you're a good person and you will not use someone or play with them.

You treat me so special, you make me think that I have a chance, you know I like you yet you keep texting me, making me happy, I can never talk to anyone the same way I do to you, You say "We have so much in common it's really remarkable, you are like the other version of me"..... when you were with this one girl you said you liked how she was the other version of you...

Why do you do this, YOU HAVE A GIRLFRIEND

Don't you think that I can be suffering because of how much I want to kiss you when we hug.... or when you make me feel like the only girl in the world... you do all this for me and that BUT YOU HAVE A GIRLFRIEND
This is what I've been feeling with this one guy...I dunno if what I said made any sense but I just couldn't resist writing it down

— The End —