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Since I was fifteen,
I’ve searched for a home.
Somewhere my heart could
live instead of constantly roam.

I’ve craved a place or town
where I felt loved and accepted.
But every time I thought I got
close, fate simply intercepted.

Sometimes, I even found nostalgic
comfort in new and exciting places,
but I always ended up feeling
betrayed by the same familiar faces.

All along, while I’ve looked for
picket fences or a cul-de-sac street,
I never realized I’d find my home
inside two big brown eyes and a heartbeat.
Pax Jun 2015

Blending in and pretending to be someone
It's been my life for years
I'm just a killing machine for hire
Running and hiding seems to be the right thing to do
It was a failed tasked yet I felt relieved
That will be my last task
To start a new life will be hard
A lot of people now are looking for me
Especially my boss that I must avoid at all cost
Why must I leave it unfinished?
Why must I feel this unknown feeling towards my target?
Why does it have to be you?
It's the first time I felt alive, that I'm not just a machine anymore
Like everything and everyone matters
To you I'm just a human being looking for someone to love and care for

My enemies have come
I'll do my best to stay alive for one day I will see you again
Hoping that you'll be well and happy in your own life

Now I just wanted to share this again as birthday celebration piece,Yup, today is my Birthday, this piece has made an impact to me because it is special to me, this came from a dream of mine, it was vague but still i manage to put it up into a piece. And somehow even in my dreams I wanted to feel alive. Another that made this so special is that it was chosen as Founder’s Choice audio readings
listen here:
"he narrates it with such emotions the way i wrote it."

— The End —