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T R Wingfield Dec 2019
God, for me, is a selfish thing
I only want him there to blame,
Or to ask for things
that I cannot seem
to produce myself
by other means

But for me to disbelieve
is also a completely selfish thing.
To pretend that I have come this far
without divine intervention?
How could this be, considering
The stupidity of my decisions,
The risks I took with my own wellbeing?
The utter disregard...

So it must be that god, for me,
Is looking out regardless.
There must be some plan
regarding me
or else I'd have been disposed of.

Does this mean I am a chosen one?
Not just dust- but a favorite son?
I think it must...

There's no other logical conclusion.
Oh no!

I promise I'm not actually this vain. Words came in contradictions, and I waas obliged to pen them down from the ether before they got away.

— The End —