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Myaja Black Sep 2015
My demons get the best of me when Im alone They rest on my lungs making it.  hard to breathe when my room door opens they dissapear and go into hiding when my room door shuts  they return to remind me
     They remind of everything thats wrong in my life.
A-S Mar 2014
Bury me underwater;
where corals can grow like plants,
piercing through my veins,
sticking out of my rotting flesh.

Burry me underwater;
where my torso would be,
my own personalized treasure chest;
with my broken heart,
as the most valuable finding.

Burry me underwater;
where fish would feed off,
of my undiscovered bruises,
and my unhealed wounds,

Burry me underwater,
so I can feel again.*

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— The End —