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A wanderer of the cycles of Faith. A simpleton made to follow in desperation the God creator of endless possibilities and the flow of time and it's ultimate fate. We are headed to our death my friend don't you try to get ahead of yourself. Remember Life moves on with each passing moment so no big deal make your trail of experiences give insight to the reader who ever it may be. Know that your words may be trash to some but more precious than Gold or Emeralds to others. Inspire this generation to get detoxified of the Demons, Satan drugs and depression. Defending my faith and relationship with Christ the begotten Son the Holy Lamb.

Know that my experience may be small and insignificant but I let you know that this words will not fall on deaf ears. Let it be what God wants it to be. I am sharing my poetic expression and experience of how I see Life and it's context. Don't know where all this sharing of poems and experiences will take me or lead me to but one thing am sure of I will be able to transform your train of thought even if it's to the smallest most insignificant degree I still will play a part on your decision making. Just look at my Life and myself see I am a mirror of you. Who I am truly for I am real and I am here to aid you with whatever you may be going thru due to the fact that I am a fellow human concern for my fellow neighbor. Therefore, we are not different the only thing that may change is your *** skin color and faith in something bigger than yourself or it may be nothing and you choose to live life as a Atheist.

Don't worry am not judging simply conversating to your inner being. Come close let's share our lives with each other from all in all we come from the same source and the same God ...Creation. Seeking a soulmate to share my Life with I haven't found the Queen that will make my life complete. I been asking God to aid me on my quest but without success.

I won't give up I know there is someone out there in the endless sea of lost and saved souls 1 of them is the one holding the master key to my soul. Awaiting but am becoming  impatient  at times. Lord allow your wisdom and guidance to show me what I must do to ensure this trial.

Each of us are headed to Judgement and concealed within lies the eternity we shall endure when the your fate is decided by the Immortal One. Furthermore, if the Book of Life isn't a fairytale I pray that my name be in it. Still must struggle with the daily spiritual and carnal battle that rages on in each and every one of one excluded from its tests and trials. Leave me a comment or a like or share my poem or even give it some sunlight for I will do the same for your work if it pleases the one who inspired you to create it.

Be brave have faith build your destiny on a happy belief system stay positive and optimistic. Just be YOU and if people don't or cannot accept you for who you are then they are to feeble minded to understand your perspectives and your outlook on how you view life and live and experience life.

Stay Strong. God Bless You. Thank you for reading.
©Franko The Christian Poet2016
Sharing my poetic expression and experience of my outlook on my latest trials in Life.

— The End —