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I know I'm cumbersome I know i can seem like a test
something you need to overcome the one bad apple in your basket.

I know i doesn't meet your expectation. This world doesnt meet mine either.
the very air seems to be suffering for anxiety and reactive depression, understand, its in the ether

You know I'm an apathetic empath, felt every kind of woe
know life's too short always being sad, all i can do is wait see what life has in store.

I identify with nothing but myself, no delegation
Now all i know's is love no hopes no segregation
no disappointments because no expectation.

i would do the absurd, accomplish the impossible to have true joy.
radient like a triangle carried by birds,
I Tried to fool the system like the horse did troy.
Messing with pronouns and nouns
Wrote alot while i was in the dark too scared to share those but this is when i first started seeing a light

— The End —