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I profess to stay at home
when butterfly days calls
i am afraid of love
a mere coward
unchancing his luck
It is so cold and dark as gloom
I'm on the floor hog-tied and bound
The door is locked to my new room
I don't know if I will be found

I'm on the far side of the moon
Deep silence I can't hear a sound
I really thought I was immune
Even though no one was around

I think maybe it was about noon
I saw you two and my heart drowned
You were hand in hand love abloom
How on Earth could I have been clowned

My hand to my hip then the boom
You lay bleeding on the hard ground
Caught within the web of your loom
Grief and misery both abound

Tour song of love was out of tune
I weigh treachery by the pound
My heart break to you I impugn
My once kind smiling face has frowned

Horrid deeds drop me in a swoon
The gravity does me astound
You will be buried this afternoon
A grave and tomb will you impound

The green-eyed monster sealed my doom
But why, why did you so confound
A love, a life so opportune
My feelings for you so profound

A cuckold pathetic buffoon
Alas no peace have I found
Here on the far side of the moon
Here on the floor hogtied and bound
You lay bleeding on the hard ground
Caught within the web of your loom
This is sort of a Tom Dooley and Barbra Allen thrown in the blender.
Gabriel K Sep 2015
“You know we're not going out”
she tells me
a couple days
b4 NYE
round the twenty-eighth ninth kinna thing
“you know that”.
And I do...did
I know we're not going out,
I was high
by love kinna
love for this plastic fantastic fascisti,
we're not going out
but I could buy her drugs though
take her home
chat for more than ninety minutes about the Neo-Realists on the phone
she could finish texts
with a couple of 'x's
sometimes three
you know
I'm connect with this handsome Italian
and I leave her at the door
of her home.

We make our choice in the first ten minutes
or is it seconds?
I don't recall,
the decision is made.
She got to no
on the second date
somewhere between the Whitechapel Gallery and Nobu,
but my heart stopped for nine months for you
this hopeless cause.
“I don't think I wanna get married” she tells me
outside Wagamama's
“or have a child”
try to smile
avoid eyes.

we're not going out
but we could go to the same party
it was too late to change plans;
she finds a seat at the opposite end
beside an urbane
named Andrew,
I open the champagne.
At midnight they kissed
tongues ****** enquiringly out
like anteaters
faces turned inwards
a two-headed god
swaying to Britney Spears
on the dance-floor.
I retreat to the other room
but at four o'clock
look around
they're still here;
Jesus! How long does it take to have ***?! Get your coat already!
Five forty-five
she wants to speak to me
her beautiful face defiant and angry
“You wanna share a cab?”
I'm silent stunned,
“You know we're not going out”
I think
but don't say,
we could share a cab though
a cuckolded chaperone
I know that
it's 2015.
© Gabriel K

The sequel to this is entitled: #9
Matt Sep 2014
She made me wear
A pink french maid's uniform that day
I had to wait on her and her black stud lover Tyrone

Fix them drinks and make them dinner
These are the duties of the ***** cuckold

It's hard to be inferior to him
He is so well-built and powerful
A perfectly sculpted body
A large and powerful manhood
He is every woman's dream

She reminds me that no beautiful woman
Will ever want to be with a ***** like me
That my manhood is too small
That my *** drive is too low
Nature has dealt me a bad hand

I sit by the bedroom door
This time I am not allowed to watch
She only told me that they would be doing it *******

I sit next to the door
I hear her load moans and sighs
I know he is pleasuring her
In ways I never could

My goodness
Forty-five minutes have passed
And they are still going at it

I peer through a crack in the door
He is so powerful that he can hold her up
As he thrusts deep inside her

I am not strong enough
To have *** in the standing position

What a man he is
He can squat 300 pounds
And has a strong powerful ***

Look at him ******
She screams in ecstasy

After she is finished
She will tell me how wonderful he was
As I polish her high heels

After he leaves
I have the humiliating and exciting task
Of giving her oral pleasure

These are the duties of the ***** cuckold

— The End —