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Faizel Farzee May 2020
Corona virus, Corona Virus
Is it not by time that you leave us,
I can hear your mom calling, i think she's in a rush
as you walk past me to leave , please remember not to touch.
This sentiment is felt by everybody,
Our lives is in a clutch.

At the start it might have been a bit fun,
We getting to a point where from ourselves we want to run.
Thoughs becoming undone, i'm watching myself daily on a boring rerun.
If it was not for writing, i dont know what i would have done.
thank god i dont have a gun,
i'm not suicidal, just my brain have been idle
my thoughts starting to become a little dum.
i'll shoot at the stars, to the beat of insanity's drum.
I laugh crazily, squeezing the trigger like delicious plum.
feelings caught in a void, i must have searched my inner soul to much
they packed up, and angrily conveyed that they done.

Now from my feelings i'm shunned
sanity sitting in a corner arms over knees rocking,
a sound, sounds like a hum.
Its face look glum,
i cant blame him
to the madness we have succumb.
just some fun while im jotting thoughts
there is the funny side of life also
sometimes in the darkness to long i get caught
am i really crazy, the answer is deviding by zero
it comes to nought.

— The End —