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(10 Shades of Blue)
I give up, the pain was
I grew up from the bottom
of the soil,
not heavy, just weighty

How many sand does a sack, on the scale of 10kgs cost, no idea,
just so many crystals could build
a sculpture or a plant right down from a seed.

Dogs and Squirrels got to have the same taste,
and I do mean same taste, Doggy Carnivore,
crazy over bones.
Mousy mousy love them acorns,
sometimes I wonder why they live in trees???

Sometimes you have to stick to your roots like glue.
These blue boots called Timberlands,
has a name, a brand, that's like a grand stand,
Who ever joins themselves as an alliance,Me,
Myself and I

(15 Shades of Green)
Break through, Breakdown, Broken down
and broken hearts
Clueless faces, loose lace on my sneakers, sneak my feet through the beat, I'm beat down.
I need oxygen, I can't breathe from all these burdens.

Five more years, until I live a quarter century,
This has to be amazing, I'm amazed by growth,
like they had everything destructable for me,
but what can I say.
At the end of the day.
I'm the Superman immune to Kryptonite, only one thing kills me, and That's Life.

Whilst I **** death, no ducks from life,
whom ever transfer ****.
****** life, ****** person, I'm double crossed,
what I wanted, my existence  turnt out white,
vision amids to the negative turnt out black,
numb and dumb, how painful.

**** disposed amongst violets and roses,
now I smell good, but they say I'm cute and a sweet little baby,
howcome do I know so much that everyone
has to experience, but one observation and creation has no power over me,
so I let my light shine in Reign, no pain in vein.

(15 Shades of Yellow)
My Religion is my dream,
loyalty, I possess.
The power from my Royalty is golden.
What's mine is mine,
don't forget to nine what you want, own that with a passion.

From the globe, that's called, world how heavy the gravity.
Well with the chick I attract,
I'm just lookin' for Isaac Newton to Discover me, like a God, creation is my ammunition.
Invention is my Intervention, so
I defined, and refined, Profound, Freedom to the end.

Pathological, no Psychos out here be killin' me.
I'm Insane.
Stick to my roots,
I love boots, I'm Sick!

Tick in the cheque box,
Maybe you'll get rich.
Out of Nowhere you see gold as money,
But the health in the wealth got you buzzin' like Bee Movie.

(10 Shades of Red)
My back fills, tight and struck from a Blood Suckers evidence,
leaking to death.
The antidote I'm searching for is at a local store,
where a secret agency connects me to clinics to Read my vitality status.
I felt weak, I'm sneaking through the window,
so that nobody could ever see me leave.
Now they looking for me, I was reported missing.
Paint vivid Pictures, in all your Poems.
Artistry is Key.
Expo 86' Sep 2015
Porque eu tenho que ser um desgraçado que há de morrer afogado nesse mar de elementos  de um passado que seria melhor apagado, porque há de mim ser mais um solitário que há de morrer queimado por todas essas emoções sem pário, porque há de mim ser mais um coitado que passa o tempo deitado nessa cama de sentimentos amaldiçoados
Expo 86' Sep 2015
Forçado a um habito falho
Esfaqueando a face que eu sou
Encimentando um mundo que mal começou
Estrangulando todos os meus pensamentos

Oh, mergulhe no meu coração
E acenda a alma da minha substancia
E se apresente como meu purgatorio
Enquanto eu me balanço nessa rede de discórdia
Sobre essa mar de ruinas

Me afaste dessas fraquezas
Me ilumine com seus pesadelos
E acabe com minha juventude
Com seus sonhos doentios
Expo 86' Sep 2015
expurgando esse sentimento para as partes mais profundas do limbo é a unica solução que achei para me livrar de toda essa tristeza e não morrer de hipotermia da frieza do seu ser, me mantendo vivo de migalhas das ondas radioativas do seu ser que me transforma nesse monstra de melancolia que algumas pessoas tem a chance de ver.
silas Aug 2015
i gathered the courage to send you a message today
and luckily enough, you replied,
as if nothing had happened to us
prior to the seemingly never-ending silence
we put each other through

i don't want to remember.

you asked me how i was
i said i was doing okay
and i swear i felt your smile through the screen

you told me you've missed me
and i felt the plaguing sadness creep into me again
but quite honestly, maybe for a second or two,
i didnt know if you were lying or not

i knew better than to believe.

somewhere along the lines
we fell apart again
and now
all i hear is static.
30th of august, 2015
i hope you miss me

these are just getting worse and worse

— The End —