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r Mar 2015
It only takes one bullet to **** a king
But you can't **** a dream

The talk is talked
And the walk is walked today

It's a shame the bridge is named
for a hood who wore a hood

The good General turned grand
in the land and time of dragons

that feasted on Sundays
and still would
if we let them

Or maybe not

Maybe it's a fitting reminder
A bridge to a kinder
gentler place

Because we're better than that now
Aren't we
r ~ 3/8/15
Kendall Mallon Apr 2014
come out ye Black ‘n’ Tans
          ye self-despising slaves to the crown
come out and fight me like a man*
          I pity thee—Mercury to the Union Jack
cowering behind blinding flares that never
cease to illuminate the British Empire.

Sympathetic Mercury—suppliant
to the tempest knees of Jove—what good
is sympathy when ******* by cowardice?
open the flood-gates for the hand
of Jove to press a cage upon
the misted shores na hÉireann.

— The End —