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logan de nacht Nov 2014
avoid whate
ver there is, then
panic, for these
days are lengthy.
DSD Dec 2013
All eyes on me.
Their field of vision lash against my walls.
Eroding them like the frothy waves gnawing at the desolate fort.
These walls that I've raised to hide...
Hide what? I ask.
Surely something that they mustn't know.

Their tongues wade at me.
I strain my ears to catch what they hide from me.
The slightest wind could exalt me to exhilaration
Or, depress me into the tar pit of my own creation.
Where am I headed? I ask.

I am besieged.
The intruder is at the perimeter.
Why am I here? I ask.
The walls are giving away to the tempest.
But they haven't reached me yet.
They are trained at my scent like blood hounds.
I sound the alarm and curl back deep within.

My station hangs precariously.
Will the pillars hold?

— The End —