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Alin Aug 2016
the holy sand from holy lands somewhere in the multiverse brought by us accompanied by cows and rainbows as we do yoga sinking golden droplets of sun on horizons to bless and adorn as dawns on lands of parallel universes all of which we watched sitting at a beach on our yoga mats sipping the ambrosia of all tastes resembling a dance of romance of a summer spirit that starts and ends fitting to two marking rays both celebrated by the sun unquestioning but in full awareness of burgeoning of a rhythm of breath driven by grace  we are the players of this video game appearing here and there the travelers of Satya crossing time teaching timelessness.
for a dear friend  

"Nityam" means 'always'
Alin Aug 2016
Who is this beauty!
Who is this lover!
this body with me

through your eye
I can travel

like rays

towards an
amaranthine Crest

along which She dances

in the arms
       his ecstasy
                and whirls

dissolving double

of becoming


Oh    for love only

and   for love only

such        an

along three worlds

which I peacefully watch

with a mudra

         a smile

but AA YEA!)

    my Cheshire cat smile :)

in me
with your aura  *

pervading my skin

such smile
can only be kindled
by your distant
touch of love

color of the heart
to lift me
to a knowledge

for A  love living on a <3 star
Alin Aug 2016
Deja vu
of Deja vu!

Activated by a reading
about some voluntary
and involuntary ...

and an awareness
about it...

Questioning still your role:

as something
slipped through
the cracks of clouds
whose unknowing
is helplessly known
and as synchronicity of love
slowly oozes to disappear

for good

and unfolds my soul ****
to the last remains
of my desire for you

in shapes of

as if … etched on aether

May these be an aerial view
of ancient landscapes without history
drawn by primordial eyes

A simultaneous action

as white blood cells would
do to an invading agent
and digest to purify it
as a source of themselves

or like Martian waterways
as a mirror
adequate for life improbable
for unchanging minds
... to remain aware that it is a choice
Alin Aug 2016
Your lines
so true
as if
to circulate
an ethereal dance
that proliferates
to a universe
made of this

Let me touch you
to draw a yoga
of you and I
on a far or near star
an illuminating
made of
my touch points
like the
closing and opening
of your
Alin Aug 2016
And she opens her arms
to the sides

with the coronary

ethereal  flowers

ambrosial to the heart

A mimic

In the same frequency

of the touch
of the lotus

my waist

one body

an indispensable
Lucid trace
to a mind pure

A volatile image of the
in the universe
as the universe

almost always there
to be dispersed
like condensed vapor
for the enlightenment
of the other - unaware
of the truth of the self

from the crest

light of I
the only reason of I
My love dancing
Alin Aug 2016
when we are
so well

This transparency…


That can
ever be known

in the smiling awareness
of the unknown

the mind - ( the one busy with western psychology etc.!)

The revealed
in silence

in silence only

always now
in your light
by your light
as a basis

not needing
the outer edges
of a skin

so as to be called a beauty-queen

A goddess
A goddess just
in the shape of a universe

and not
the universe
knowing beyond the the

a god
a god just
Yes just

Simple as that
We are

Both the same"
Alin Aug 2016
I have never seen such a star before!

It shines
by and to
the sides of my eyes
but only until I’d look up
to see it Fully

It has never been there maybe!

or is it its nature to just disappear
and because I look up ?

or are we
playing a game of
kika boo
to test
a rhyming faith?

which could
become a melody
to the lines of darkness
uncloaking us

once or thrice
does not seem matter
to the form of my observation

sheltering in a multicolored ice

Catch this subtle point of luminosity
Now ! - If you can

and once you have it
Set it free
or Stay there
as if meditating on headstand
and clear your mind

before night diffuses into light
and shines through a crystal
with a hidden star inside

I cannot prove If eyes are not be made of its
and only a deluded mind  -Alas !

such useless
doubt of difference
of the other
by the other
about the other

And the other
always and only
in the corridors of beliefs
and thought-constructs

Is it not pointless
Trying to catch
a star
in daylight ?
and sometimes recklessly
at the tip of my nose
makes me giggle just
as if a **** tickle
at a mystic corner
on a lover’s lip
longing for its kiss variant

I look down again
Tired of the silly mind game
Just to feel it by my side
A sweet friend
A sweet love
Made of my trust
Only appears
to the side of my eyes
So what!
A needle tip sized glitter
Living only
in the reflection of the reflection
of a night sky
Shining on my window
behind which I hide now
Alin Jul 2016
I am full of you
There is no measure
of a day
not a touch apart
radiating your glare
within me is
this universe
the same universe
submerged in its peace
It always is now
I am Bliss
can only shine
and can shine only
To a universe
This universe
My light of my love
of you in I and I
Made of your love
I haven't even moved once
Never have I lost my memory
Full is my experience
Same same! Always same
of you
unbound of time
As it has always been
of which
has never ended
or started
Title inspired by Sive Myeki's 'Today'
Alin Jul 2016
I feel naked when I look at  the moon today
Why ? Why ? What is there to hide?
and are we really so far?
Such a destitute gaze
alight to sky
Glaring with its brittle skin
Under which she knows
I hides
as a drifter beloved
Always lured
the world’s tides
inspired by a lecture I heard by Swami Rama of Himalayas that humans do not necessarily need to be controlled by "phases of the moon" like animals.
Alin Jun 2016
I said goodbye

she helplessly cried
full of me
for the first time

Teardrops of
the other
by the other
Not to impress
or annoy

the canvas
of the truth of I
remained untouched

this uttermost cry was
maybe a cheek warming
Silent expression just

in the conscious presence
of both

embraced by both

Goodbye to this roof that welcomed
our dreams…
Goodbye to this roof that
accommodated our flows
allies skies
I s
Aiaiai s ….

All of her dramatized stories
that agonize
to be capsized
to emphasize -
harmonize -
so that
I s
are re centralized
re authorized
along the curly hum
For the game!
like the newborn tree
growing inside of me now
Me ?

me again?!?


I need not much of these anymore

and such are all things
that gave breath to us :
the in/sentient
courageously left behind
for a cry that bore generations
and such is her’s now

A means
that helped me grow
towards this no thing thing

and You

You ?

But you…

An immortalized posture of a shoulder shrug!

Nothing more
and nothing less

You - as love apart
but still with me

by each one of my shoulder shrugs
like the nameless sage of shoulder shrugs

In the western ‘who cares’ style….
We are so good at that!
So …

so ?

Be proud just!
to be commemorated as such

I will Never
pick a wildflower again
to place in my beloved vase
I did it only twice
Watching the truth die
and no we do not like duality
But there will NOT be a third time
for such sad action
You have my word on that

I walk now alone
content with a song
of a bird welcoming
my accord

Carrying your light
in my heart
Plainness is my courage
I know you now

Your love rains
beads of truth
shaping words
of peace
that I read
as us

knowing my duty
I go
go now

Taking nothing
Needing nothing
Leaving all
Things and
Insightful of
no things

I am you
With you
to these
of hers
before she willingly dies
experimental, theatrical ... needs to be performed - :)
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