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Alin Jun 2016
I wonder so much
What kind of talk that was
held in secrecy
The one shared with him only

He knows that ‘I OF SHE’ knows

But not me!

It could have only been me  instead
and the ‘EYE OF SHE’...

Knowing now
EYE OF SHE is me

And I and EYE and SHE are all the same

So all are me  
or something like me

In essence ...of course
In essence...only
‘I am’
is same as
‘I is’
(this is not always the case)

but He
He also knows
even before me!

and maybe even
even his friends know!

And still and not yet I /

Yes I also suspect that
It is a possibility

A collaboration
‘For a divine reason’

But am I a conscious part of that collaboration?

Has that reason already been shared with me?

I mean the Me me me ?

Has that already been pronounced openly
that time...while in secrecy?

I wonder that ...

And yes
And still not I
Not yet
At least this part is clear now
Clear enough to be confirmed as such

But Why?  
Why on earth
did she choose for him
and not me?

I know there must be a reason
I know she does not make mistakes
But I only also hope now that
she does not really make mistakes

Or does she?
Or can she?

So I wonder
Wonder still
And so much
What kind of talk that was
Held in secrecy
The one shared with him only
And why
Why on earth
did she choose for him
and not me
Alin Jun 2016
O sappy daffy incongruous frog
Waiting for a beauty queen
to be kissed by
to turn to a prince in your dream

You want some lessons
on art?
You want some lessons
on art?

then come to me
For ye it’s gonna be for free!
Oh come to me
I can teach you how to read
in manners that are non-slurpy
and slimy
As your automatic long tongue

I be a friend and a lover and a teacher
For the manifesto of our Love

We’ll read  as loud as we can with our combined reptilian heart

Let’s shout until we silence
Let’s shout until we can be heard
as and by and for the silence of the spirit

Without defining
to be assigned to any poetry

Let’s trespass these fake borders
of the image of our predefined
in our  
As boring as can be
made of the phrase
Only clever birds sing it as:
“This has been done already”
Your shout would silence
My Palpating heart

Please do not misunderstand my
Love word
and traditionalize

As mushrooms grow
Under rotten
Of urban flats
or lies
La la la lies

and pathetize
Yes Pathetize
my words
Without understanding what they’d truly mean

When words
Combine to a phrase with the spirit
Truth shouts
but not the cynic

Like a poisonous
Made of the scared sound of your blood

which should have instead been sacred
by the earnest of our lovership

Without any of your definitions of poetic

You shout
You shout like politics
Which is meaningless
For true ears

A defined silence
has no power to trespass
Boundaries of conditioned
aesthetics of your
Learned poetry

Let's dare to read love now
As plain and clear and straight
As can the truth of hearts be
without the need of any gelatinous stickers
or the chess board tattooed
Along the skin softness of
our sitting bones
inspired by a word of ' Shout ' whose truth is never heard by some of us...

you may also wish to listen to Shout - Tears For Fears
or my spoken interpretation of this poem above on soundcloud: dnalumuland/ribbon-snakes-serenade-to-***
Alin Jun 2016
I used to know a lemon tree
Standing alone
at the backyard of the gardens
beneath where a dear friend
flourished green plums

We got to know each other
On a moment
not so many hours left
to sunset

Maybe it was after some lunch and an afternoon nap

against such rules not even once I protest

maintaining to be happy
with whatever comes to me
whatever comes to me
to sustain
a peace appropriate to my role
in the family

Ah yes
my friends
still were there
Maybe a hidden cover of a candy
maybe a play of a shadow here and there
Where at other times other creatures
would play
A scary probability!
to wipe away for now
but not erase ‘the’-
‘Why would they hide themselves
In the corners of darkness?’

something to still discover later

while I used the time
to play secretly in a bed
where finally sleep could nurture me
always on the same set time
of the schoolless afternoons
of another summer holiday

One day after my nap or duty
and before dinner
when I was again
An idea struck me :

to try to climb
these very steep
perfectly squared
brick Stairs
to see
to which unknowing worlds it would lead me

from this far beneath
I always sense their bubbly trans

and the time has arrived
to test
that outguessed:

a beauty that
has already been preserved

into the shine
of the green plums

that gave it an existential strength

One of the many of my recording devices
For you never know in case times
If if
I would like to watch the same
as it has shaped itself
in my heart

I would look then
to the shine
on specific time
and retrieve these worlds
back to me

“Oh my dear friend your greens make me laugh again and no one can hear that
but you!”

“So I will go now to these secret worlds and No
I am not afraid
It is an important task
To prove I am not afraid”

“Mom is still busy
And until the time I will be back

I knew
The reality of these worlds
could be
dream-breakingly different than the bubbly
Belonged to the neighbors’ gardens
where I was not really supposed to be

but yeah as said
all grown ups were busy
at that time of the day
No one could see me
And so
I could peacefully talk to the not talking ones
before they could interfere us
and before I would need to reply them politely

so I went far up
and up up
and there I met this lemon tree

It was not big
Just a little bigger then me
These bizarrely straight  leaves
are almost bluer than greens
although they look green
Shaped so ordinary
like a drawing of someone
who could only make a straight line
Too ordinary to be ordinary
That’s what I saw first
And that’s why I saw it maybe

I used to draw a lemon tree
kindly blown by the blue
of the wind
My visits  matching
Towards the end of the days
was set open
Preserving a secrecy
maybe about giving her a company
A presence towards which she
always remained indifferent
Maybe about
Getting to know us or me better
By slowly understanding
why she felt so gloomy
And what feeling so

She was at a place where she was not supposed to be

Not knowing
Why she would never be able to grow fully
Lonely but respectful still
To the peculiarity I assigned to her

Her indifference
diffused into
That wind
defining a gloom of the day
would remain
Between us
until this day
to make me wonder
and to make
A bold memory
Alin Jun 2016
Pure desire is what shaped this body
Pure desire is what healed this finger I burnt yesterday
instantaneously with just one mantra
so that I can write my love word to you

Pure desire is what I am
And will be
for one of your touch
And shall stay so  
always near
or from far away
with whoever you wish to be
Feeling you this way
Is my joy
I shall gift as love
And sprinkle to universe
Knowing you are I

Wishing you gift
This passion
To enlighten and rise
Humanity to a level
That they truly are
And should be
The highest
Of gods
And goddesses

Let’s touch them
With pure love
Let them be free
Free oh free
Peace to three worlds
Of  hearts
Let them make love
And stay free

No matter what forms
you choose to assume
Which life stories
you get involved in
I only know you as I know myself
When every morning
I open my eyes
Rested or tired
in dim lights
By one of your call
Of my name in your
I shall awaken
And kiss you
as if you are by my side
In serene silence
Listen to the dawn-welcomers
and know your heart is with me
Just as today
Just as yesterday
Just as now

You have no names for me
All names are you
Your name equals to all names
I shall always remain
After and before a touch
As one language
Of pure desire for you

Pure desire is what enlightens my path
To give birth to you by my breath
And make love to you in human form
Pure desire is what keeps me long
for the eternal day in shapeless form
I’ll stay in one posture of our love
Of you and I

Once my duty as a beloved
Is completed
On this world

For you
for you
for you
Alin Jun 2016
I was already born in love with you
A body shaped for your love
A love that a body cannot hold alone

I was born in love with you
and with you
A You that I have studied from the start of times that made me Me
and You

I was already born in love with you
Knowing such love cannot only be reserved for an I apart
but for the variegated forms of you as I
all as the universe a truth
And that’s how
And that’s why
I have shaped
By one of your
By one of your loving
As I have shaped
for you
I wrote this for a flower i touched 2 weeks ago and wished from it to become very beautiful and it did so . I also have a spoken version with the image of it :) it is very pretty :
Alin Jun 2016
A white flower is my mother
emanates from the immaculate
light of bliss
a firmament of
aesthetic rupture
steeped in
the silence of the truth of the Self

an infinite stream
of consciousness
of her
sprinkles spiritual energy

A white flower is my mother
Lines of plain light draw her
delicate nuance

A space made by
the surge
of divine rapture
manifests atop
a universe of veins
funneling of peace
and of bliss
by her pure light

in silence
of true
Alin Jun 2016
whisper a whisper of their shine:

“You can only see me if you are true
You can only be me if you are true”

I assume a purple

a flower

rocked by the wind


a shape of its stem

and its roots


All of my


one by one


the ever knowing
the ever loving

the waves

in waves


to equilibrate

by her
ever present


Tune of

a crest

of a





color of
thyme fields

for a while
Alin May 2016

to receive
my ethereal
that shall replace
the omitted sign
on his skin
Alin Apr 2016
we are two monsters
stuck to the edge of the mirror
not needing support really -not to fall down
a spider recently threaded from our edge to the wall edge
a long thread to show off he is here
to show off also that
he really is inspired by
how we look like

we are two monsters
and they say we are look-alikes
we have different color
but we are look-alikes

we are two monsters
and we like talking to each other but
we have never seen each other

we are two monsters
we are stuck to the edge of the mirror
and we have never seen each other

we are two monsters
we talk all day long to each other
We wish to see once
each other
but we are stuck both
on two different edges of a mirror
She has seen me through the mirror
I haven’t succeeded to turn my head yet to look inside
but I have seen her aaa aaa in my mind…

we are two monsters
and we are so nice to but
we have never seen each other
we are both stuck to the edge of a mirror
and apart from each other
we talk all day long to each other
and she has only seen me once
through the mirror as she could turn her head

we are two monsters
can you help us
see each other
well this one on behalf of the two monsters
their spoken version is on soundcloud: dnalumuland
Alin Apr 2016
a wish
flies to skies
Swims against
the star-glittery
and inspires
the coolest of breeze
cincturing a mount ridge
to carve a glimpse
of an ice goddess
made of a pellucid kiss
O the flamboyant curves
of the temptress
abiding the blue-sky
shall too
one day vaporize
by the fire of a touch
to deliver
a seed of sprouts
within the dissipated
yearning of the fumes
lovers scintillate
aureate gleam
of the celestial bliss
on a non starry sky
whence becoming a home
to their eyes
the moon smiles
to exhilarate
by a dawn flower
born from love’s
secret meeting
unmanifest until
You have vivified
an unknown myrrh
in your dream
An aroma of
true desire
by which
shall be born
and reshape
most elegantly
most delicately
to dissolve
in the euphoria
of this incarnating bath
made of breath
the immaculate flavor
of nectar
like the mastic
of the pine
on your tongue
for I’ve left
my fasting heart
in vows of truth
to be able to
answer your question
about what I have meant
by my ’you are my first’
resurrecting letters now
to a whisper
clinging like a
perennial symphony
in your ears
only once heard
in the absence
of full trust
shall it too
this waking reality
from its truth

I would stay
then still
in your ears
to aid you create
A harmony born universe
of here
as you open and close your eyes
and teach me yogas
I shall not assume
of things and beings
Anymore but be
the one and the only
divine posture of the devi
that shall unite me to you
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