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dark blue Jun 2021
on your knees
look at me
i made you
don't forget
you're daddy's
little ****
dark blue Jun 2021
good morning
baby grrl
do you need
some attention
want to cuddle
yes you may
get into bed
snuggle up
put your head
on daddy’s shoulder
i’ll wrap you up
hold you tight
center of
my world
dark blue Jun 2021
I remember
the first time
I saw you
playing in a field
twirling round
and round
sun shining
in your hair
sapphire eyes
rose lips
you knew
i’d fallen
in love
with you
would cherish
provide protect
put you
on a pedestal
be your daddy
and first lover
dark blue Apr 2021
daddy’s on the couch
drinking beer
eating pretzels
watching tv

i am lonely
need attention
so i crawl
on his lap
lay my head
on his shoulder

daddy wraps
his arm
around me
i feel safe
and protected

i love daddy
let him know
snuggle deeper
into his body

he plays
with my hair
pets me gently
soothes my fears
reassures me
all is well

i look up
“What’s a matter Baby”
“I love you Daddy”
and kiss him
gently on the lips

i need him
in me
to fill the void
the emptiness
deep within

i part his lips
with my tongue
as I go in
light a fire
that consumes him

i feel his *****
i squeeze it
making sure
it’s rock hard

it makes me wet
my ******* damp
touch me Daddy
touch me please

rub your fingers
along my lips
feel my wetness
as i whimper
with pleasure

side your finger
in and out
touch my ****
make me moan
till i ***

daddy loves
and i know
wants to ****
dark blue Apr 2021
forbidden love
is lust

an aphrodisiac

but saying NO
the ultimate arousal
dark blue May 2021
i can’t sleep
my mind is racing
with fear and anxiety
i need to be held
all will be well
i need a release
will you go down on me
dark blue May 2021
you look so innocent
so sweet
wearing your dress
bare feet
painted nails
an anklet
an angel
a nymph
let daddy touch
kiss your kitten
dark blue May 2021
sweet pea
i'm so proud of you
so pretty
and obedient
now take off your *******
stand naked
in front of me
don't be shy
look into my eyes
who you belong too
that's right
who loves you
dark blue May 2021
you've been bad
sweet pea
go to your room
without supper
no TV
no internet

what did you say
didn't sass back
i'm your daddy
little girl
you belong
to me
dark blue May 2021
every inch of you
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