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blazing soul May 12
"Mr Boon"
It's really been a while I came across that adorable senile man " Mr Boon", maybe he's just too vexed with me,  maybe he's not pleased with the last encounter, cause I was too rash on the dusty.
Oh dear good senile man "Boon" don't be too ******* m
e not to pave on my pavement again. I know, I might have just been quite juvenile the aforetime, and we never learn. But does not everyone deserve a twoth?
#mr boon
blazing soul Apr 17
Devastated continuity....

It was a time unlike aforetime..
Eyes became heavy, lids dropping and nose running streams..

Legs became weak, hearts became broken and brains tuned to the channel of Kerfuffle like a faulty compares drifting through directions and heads became bowed..

Mouth became closed,  throats became dried and intestines got tangled..

Voices pronouncing, lamenting, grieving.. Agonies bursting forth in acclamation..

Time got suspended, sun stood still behind the clouds, moon went on a visit..

Everything seems paused for a while, yet not a  thing ever gives the slightest respite or tarry a while to console a devastated, shattered heart and soul...
Shattered, console,  acclamation, kerfuffle..

— The End —