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Dead Rose One Apr 2018
Abbreviations of the Life Human

these little stories, bejeweled poeticals, long tall tales,
short-held breaths from the savings account breast,
all slow withdrawing-dawning,
all are but the abbreviations of the life human

my fav of course,
the one, the twenty six
the aleph best bet


4-16-18 10:47pm
a mondo Monday survivors prayer
The officer stopped me
"Are you D.U.I." ?
I said in reply
"W.H.Y." ?

I caught kisses on the "F.L.Y."
If you think it's easy
Then you should "T.R.Y."
if you are not too busy

I was F.O.B.
And I'm not talking freight
So good it made
me "S.O.B."

I know you are annoyed
at my inconvinces
that leave you dangling
from your C.I.N.C.H.E.S.
DUI - Driving Under the Influence

WHY - Why Help You

FLY - Finally Loving Yourself

TRY - Taking Responsibility for Yourself

FOB - Father Of the Baby or Fall Out Boy

SOB - Signs Of Betrayal (rock band)

CINCHES - Criminally Insane Committee for Hopeless Eunich's of Columbus

— The End —