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Sushnata Aug 2017
It is getting personal
although nothing is
it's not the gender
not the religion
not the races
not the community or country
it's the outlook
it's the exaggerated
provoked point of view
the urge to ****,
more than to survive
the fear of being suppressed
more than to rise.
Wanting love and wantonly
spreading hatred.
Spewing for war
praying for peace
it's all misled and astray
how do I show you what I see
the piling heaps of wrongs
for the sake of so-called rights
we have been rising
or dooming
nobody can anticipate
or summarise
its getting personal
although nothing is.

©weirdangrybrain aka Sushnata
Sushnata Aug 2017
I am not scared of the darkness anymore,
it arrives to fight me daily.
Perhaps it's the darkness,
that's scared of me.  
It is parallel, undiluted &
unwavering & I'm somewhere blended in between.  
We aren't foes but competitors!
We don't die  but battle
till one of us passes out and sleeps.
We don't end but merge into each other each night. 

You may not know  that somewhere between being lonely & loving solitude,
neither me nor my ally
could become friends or make any. 
We meet, we do so daily,
to fight & survive some more
till we exist.  
But oh!
It's far than an illusion of  happiness that the bewitched heart creates...
For the illusion ends  but
The alliance doesn't.  

Its a poem where a person's life has been metaphorically compared with the grim role of darkness.

— The End —