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I breathe in the smell that lingers on my pillow in the mornings before I have to begin my day.
Before I have to leave every comfort that is laced within these sheets.
The safety that I am wrapped in by my warm blankets,
I breathe it in.

The smell of my home, my own smell nestled within it faintly,
Almost like picturing myself laying on a window seat peering out
With trees that tap on the window.
An annoying scrape against the glass pane
Bringing me back to reality.

Now I must leave with one final breath inward
To be able to make it today.
I just want to be in my bed all day long.
Sitting at a desk,
pretending to pay attention to the professors monotone.
He wasn't always so dead.
He used to love baseball.
He would crack a wooden stick into the ball and watch it fly.
He would revel in the roar of the crowd.
Like it was all just a beautiful dream.
Now he teaches English.
His joy has been swallowed like tobacco between his now rotting teeth.
His life is a series of graded essays and Shakespearean words he barely understands.
It is as if his only joy is the memories.
Class will stop for 10, 15 minutes at a moments notice because suddenly he is lost in the memories and he can remember when life was good.
That is what life can never take from him.
At least for now.
 Sep 2017 Suja Gunasegaran
When I was a young girl
I dreamt of man big and beautiful
With a smile which melt my heart
With a heart to hold my love
When I was a young girl
I dreamt of a man handsome and strong
With a shoulder to bury my head
With arms to hold me strong
When I was a young girl
I dreamt of a man who loved and cherished
With eyes to look right in
To see my soul next to his
When I was a young girl
I dreamt of a man so special
To love me without cause
To want me for no reason
I m a grown woman now
Who found the man of her dreams
To love to hold to be with
I m a grown woman lucky enough
To call her man MINE
I was that empty little pail
With a hole in my heart
Draining my life away
You were that piece of clay
that allowed all of the water to stay.

Except, the water that stayed
Didn't watch its way
Overflowed and washed away the clay
Once again
Broken and in decay
The soul in me drained away
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