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Nov 2018 · 121
Do you
Some Person Nov 2018
Do you ever just feel like a depressed pile of **** but you can't tell anyone because you have to maintain your image but you'd really be okay with just dying because then you wouldn't have to worry about anything anymore including both what you feel like **** about and also your image
Apr 2018 · 337
Some Person Apr 2018
The longing for things that will never be
The knowledge that we'll be taken before we're done
Disappointment in ourselves
Resignation to sadness
Belief in pointlessness
The lack of energy to be angry at things that are wrong
Inability and/or unwillingness to change

Writing down depressing things and never turning them into a cohesive piece

Self-fulfilling prophecy
Some Person Mar 2018
He wrapped his arms around the cat sitting in his lap
Existential anxiety had become an underlying constant,
But his love for the creature provided momentary connection;
A temporary check against the loneliness

The same feeling, the state of being, will return
But, brushing it aside for a moment,
He had a somber taste of what it might be like
if the world wasn't broken
Feb 2018 · 359
Backlit Dream
Some Person Feb 2018
I stare at her picture
On a backlit screen
I look for something there
Something so deep it could quench
But I don't know **** about her
And, thankfully,
She doesn't know **** about me
Feb 2018 · 389
She's gone
Some Person Feb 2018
Alexa, turn off the light
Alexa, it's cold in here
Alexa, tell me a story
Alexa, sing me a lullaby
Alexa, I miss my girl
Alexa, pull up my favorite ****
Alexa, are you real?
Alexa, I'm bored
Alexa, stop
I'm sad
Jan 2018 · 242
Ambient Music
Some Person Jan 2018
I've walked away from feeling certain feelings for a long time
Allowing myself to emotionally need anyone
There's a good chance I'll be alone when I die
if I continue to let other desires get in the way of truly loving someone
Aug 2017 · 470
Some Person Aug 2017
I stay awake until 5 every morning
It's an escape
If I go to bed, I have to think
And I've given up on living

My ex weighs on my mind
And then my other exes join
No one will satisfy me
And my vision is going bad

Art won't be my living
I'll have to go back to productive work
I have no plan, no discipline
And I'm about to **** up some relationships

Everyone is sour, I believe
It's the most obvious quality of mine
Jan 2017 · 350
Some Person Jan 2017
You can't erase me from your past
So I wonder
What colors will you choose
to paint the me that was
Jan 2017 · 315
Some Person Jan 2017
There are nights I do things I can do
There are nights I do things I can't
Tonight I did something I can't
Oct 2016 · 1.1k
Some Person Oct 2016
I could meet a dozen girls in a night,
But I couldn't connect with a one
Where I once had deep desire,
I now have chaos
A complete inability to put forth effort
Without the help of drugs
A fairy tale desire to **** them all,
But no internal life to manifest it
I may be the coolest dude in the bar,
But you might as well ignore me
Oct 2016 · 381
Hey, Doggy
Some Person Oct 2016
Hey, doggy
I'm gonna be your friend for while, okay?
I think your mom is beautiful,
But she doesn't really like me
That's okay, though
I'm doing this for you
I just want to make sure you're okay
While your mom is gone
Even though she's just using me
Good boy
Oct 2016 · 675
You Got BoJack
Some Person Oct 2016
You got BoJack
I can never see beyond the negative
Is it the idea of you that I can't shake?
Aug 2015 · 1.4k
Some Person Aug 2015
The curves in her lips
mirrored those of her back

They pressed together
as my fingertips explored
the skin they mimicked,

and they parted
as I searched further
and found what I've been looking for
Aug 2015 · 343
Just Friends
Some Person Aug 2015
It's ironic
that the only way
to get close
is by starting out
"no strings"

Let's just ****
because we have
intimacy issues
and insecurity

After we're done,
I'll tell you everything,
and you can tell me
why everything's okay

I'll hold your hand
and tell you
I won't hurt you
the way he did

I can't, after all;
We're just friends
Aug 2015 · 362
Just a movie
Some Person Aug 2015
I know it was just a movie, and the scenes and the music tug strings in ways we don't always feel in everyday life. But I'm not crying about the movie. I'm crying because you're here with me and I'm thinking about you. I'm crying because I feel the same way about you that he feels about her, and I want you to know that and to never forget it. And because I don't want it to end. I don't want our lives to end, and I know they will someday. Maybe I'll feel differently somehow when we're aged and we don't have all this energy anymore. Maybe I'll be ready for my life to end when I'm old and slow and sick and I can barely breathe, or my whole body aches all the time and someone has to take care of me like I'm a baby again. But I don't think I'll ever be ready to stop loving you.
Aug 2015 · 464
Some Person Aug 2015
I have tried for too long
to fit into your various segments
I have played the roles of
Passionate lover
Rebellious son
The perfect one-night stand
Intelligent workplace hero
Humble soccer talent
Competitive PC gamer
College graduate, master's holder
Friend with benefits
Big earner
*** addict in recovery
Devoted husband
Home updater
Fun party guy
Deep-thinking poet
Music-lover, dancer

I fit into none of the roles you have to offer.

I am a primate with a more sophisticated brain and a cleaner body. I declare this with reluctant disappointment.

An observer would see our race developing, bodies and populations increasing in complexity and order; patterns like cities, data flowing through fiber cables, and social constructs aligning like carbon atoms becoming a diamond.

But we will not reach the perfection of a lab-created stone.

We have significant inclusions,
The most glaring of which is purposelessness.

Is there anyone watching?
Jun 2015 · 851
Some Person Jun 2015
fade in and out
between sobs

The present
fills in the gaps

We only have so long to remember

Will there be anything more than this?
Will I have another chance?

I begin to walk across the field,
feeling the texture of the grass

Will she join me in another place?
Will she do without me?

I'm across the field,
but I want to cross it again
Jun 2015 · 650
Mood Swings
Some Person Jun 2015
Every time
I think I've
learned something
about myself,
I find out
the opposite
may be
just as true
Jun 2015 · 346
I hate you
Some Person Jun 2015
I'm afraid even if
you stared me in the face,
I'd miss it,
or if I did see who you are,
I'd still hate you

The thoughts that have
conjured in my mind
these last two years,
and the feelings that have
transpired in my chest,
have left me to hate you

Yes, even you,
the imagined one I desire

You've got it all, somehow
Yet you will disappear
So I choose to hate you
Instead of losing you
Jun 2015 · 429
Bedtime Blues
Some Person Jun 2015
Dead tired before midnight,
Feeling like an old man
I hold onto this screen
To keep myself awake and sane
It's something of a safety blanket,
Don't you think?

Blues echo around inside
I'm inadequate to handle
The weight of tomorrow
If I fall asleep,
It'll be here now
If I lay awake,
I can delay it an hour
Jun 2015 · 273
Show me
Some Person Jun 2015
I want to know what it's like
To have your undivided attention
Jun 2015 · 755
Some Person Jun 2015
You sway
You move those hips
Disco flies through this air
And you give yourself away
Jun 2015 · 417
Some Person Jun 2015
No wonder
Everyone does drugs
How can you deal with this *******
Without any ******* drugs?
Jun 2015 · 277
Nights Without Me
Some Person Jun 2015
These nights
are too easy
for you
You get
what you
so do
But your
hurricane is
too strong
So they bend
and snap
Roots exposed
for them to see
For you to feel
A night with me
Jun 2015 · 250
Tell Me
Some Person Jun 2015
These secrets you keep
I know them
I know almost everything
But the one remaining piece
You keep from me
As if telling me
Would destroy me

I already know, dear girl,
And yet I love you
Please tell me
So my love will be complete
Jun 2015 · 341
Late night bullshit
Some Person Jun 2015
I go to bed alone every night
Am I as worthwhile as I think,
Or is there something wrong with me?

I have a good career,
I'm decent-looking at least,
I can make love or ****;
Whatever suits our mood
And I don't do so recklessly;
At least not often

I'm in a city of a couple million
One would think I could find
Just one

But I will tell you:
Dating is boring
Partying is fun,
Albeit a bit empty

Texting can only go so far
Touch me and I may recoil
Like me and it'll be too easy
Do drugs and you'll seem too wild
Be clean and you're a *****

So I come back to you,
My droves of women who are always game,
But never satisfy
Perhaps fantasy is better than reality
Or perhaps you should all burn in hell
May 2015 · 315
Not my type
Some Person May 2015
I'm not interested in you
I'm interested in girls who
Show off their body
Because they want you
To need their soul
May 2015 · 256
My Only
Some Person May 2015
I want to be naked and cuddle
Why can't I substitute for you?
With another,
It could never satisfy

With you, I imagine,
.....I can't describe
May 2015 · 237
Your Tribute
Some Person May 2015
You know,
In spite of all those things,
The ones you did to me,
You still are the same girl.
You've got the same smile
The same look in your eye
You're flawed,
As we're all,
But you're still the person I loved
You'll never be mine,
But you deserve a tribute
You deserve a tear
One that says
You were worth my time
That I grew with you

And here it is.
May 2015 · 243
She sees me
Some Person May 2015
You came back,
My dear
Not my love,
Not today,
But one I can imagine
Ponder and feel
May 2015 · 204
It's Not Enough
Some Person May 2015
How will I tell you,
With only written words,
What walks through this mind
And who hides in these chambers?
May 2015 · 382
My Friend
Some Person May 2015
You've flipped the switch
No more feeling
Your mom beat you

She disparaged you for hours
A failure at everything
A total disappointment

It makes me sad
To hear you speak fondly
Of a hastened death

You're not perfect, man
But you're my friend
May 2015 · 229
Listen to me
Some Person May 2015
Don't die young,
Pretty girl
Someone needs you
May 2015 · 270
The Wild
Some Person May 2015
You wanna kick it
I say yea
I don't know what I'm getting into
But neither do you
You're a different kind of girl
I'm a different kind of guy
I have some idea of what I offer
But what about you?
Is it possible I was right
In my drunken mind
That you have a lovely heart?
Others say "*****"
When I show them your picture
It is of your backside
I say I saw something in you
But I do whitewash
And I do love a broken girl
Who needs rescued
Can the wild be tamed?
They have to want to
May 2015 · 452
Things I make up
Some Person May 2015
She's a burlesque performer
And I wonder,
Does she carry that confidence to bed?
Does she have to act with a real man?
Or has she ever even been with one-
One who took her to bed
Because of who she was to him?
Would she crumble then,
The way she stumbled to answer my little questions about her?
May 2015 · 447
Disco Techno Fast Lane
Some Person May 2015
Ran around all night
Unsure why I was in
But not about to turn it down

There she was again
With those black pants
If you can call them that

Crisis after crisis
Where's the birthday girl?
Search five different spots

Drugs sold, embellished
Never seen that life first hand
But now I can hold my own
Guy will get himself locked up
I think he wants to

Where's the birthday girl's friend?
Getting coked
Won't join
Dealer's best friend

I listened to her actions
They were loud
She saw situations as they were
Friends came first
Even if it was nonsense
They needed her for

Her red lips, I watched
Her soft hips, I touched

Mile a minute
But not overworked
Smiles all night
Living the life
May 2015 · 265
Some Person May 2015
I wonder if anyone has ever liked you
For you
Not just your body
Which is great
But for what goes through you
Your head
Your heart
You impressed me
And I don't think others see

This is how I fall
For a girl
Who I could never have
I think?
May 2015 · 526
Early Summer
Some Person May 2015
He sits back,
Cards at his chest
Funk tunes in the air
Poolside vibes
There are options here,
But not the one, yet
May 2015 · 357
Some Person May 2015
She's a promoter
I finally met her
Already forgot her name
But her look
Speared me
Is this why she's successful?
May 2015 · 484
Some Person May 2015
Your mess
Spills out of
Your cuteness
And that's okay
May 2015 · 1.8k
Some Person May 2015
I still
Like you can hear me
Like this music
Will find your ears
And you'll remember
And you'll be moved
May 2015 · 222
The Pained
Some Person May 2015
He's probably one of the thoughtful,
He thought,
As he passed by the doors of the pained
May 2015 · 1.5k
Another First Date
Some Person May 2015
I wonder what you'll be like
When we meet next week
You're fun enough to chat with
You're certainly kind and caring
That took no time to see
You look soft and sweet
And your answer to one question
Tells me you have another side
I think we might have fun
If your voice is as gentle as your words
And my worries ease around you
But it's only a first date
And a filled weekend, first, to wait
May 2015 · 285
Love Ride
Some Person May 2015
The moon
Her eyes
Her gaze
The sky

A hum
Fresh air

How is
She here
How did
I find

Her hand
In mine
No more
May 2015 · 207
Could I fall
Some Person May 2015
Could I fall in love again?
The anger in my heart says no,
But perhaps it will soften enough
I must admit it's already doing so
May 2015 · 209
A Guest
Some Person May 2015
She struck me not
As the one of the few
Her look
So different
Couldn't be mine
May 2015 · 605
Hope I see you there
Some Person May 2015
I can't wait
And I hope you come
So when I invite you
And it's over the top
Don't think I'm weird
I'm just having fun
May 2015 · 183
Nothing left for you
Some Person May 2015
I used to care about her every move
She deserved better than she got
I felt the smallest of her pains
Her biggest had me searching with my all
But the bitter taste left in my mouth
Has worked its way through my whole
Now, your problems are yours alone
Don't expect any help
If I offer advice, it will be cold
If you don't take it,
Don't bother whining to me again
May 2015 · 275
Not For Long
Some Person May 2015
I'm a different person than I was a few years before.
I may be a different person again in a few more.
But what does it matter?
I am an animal.
I react to my surroundings.
My will is limited.
I make observations.
I contemplate my own existence.
But one lonely day,
I pass away the same as a dog.
I'm missed by a few,
but not for long.
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