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lilith Dec 2018
the flecks of gold in her eyes
form my favourite constellation
lilith Dec 2018
the rain kissed my face when you would not.
ironically, its sorrowful downpour was a reminder
that everything will be okay.
(for just as rain tends the soil back to life after every desolate winter, flowers will emerge from the site of my pain)
lilith Dec 2018
I fear that I am not getting over you as I thought.
  I know you and I want two different things.
  You say ‘just friends’
but I am driven wild by the thought of kissing you.
  It may be selfish, but I would give anything for the memory of my touch to be the only thought running through your head at 3am when you can’t sleep.
  I want to be the ghost of a feeling at the back of your mind which you can never quite shake.
  I want you to dream about me,
  To feel the hollow aches of loneliness I felt when you left.
    I just want you
        to want me.
you were my first obsession; i want to be your last

— The End —