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Shanell Jun 2015
Raindrops on wood floors,
sly, creaking doors.
Bumps in the night,
screaming with fright.
Your blankie, grasped tight,
eyes, searching for light.
Shouting and fighting,
bawling and hiding.
You run, you cry,
but you can't deny.
He's here again,
"Come, so we can begin."
No, please stay away,
I promise, I promise I won't disobey.
You kick, you scream,
you bite, you dream.
But another night lost,
you sleep from exhaust.
Tomorrows a new day,
maybe this time he'll stay away.
Shanell Jun 2015
Love yourself, more than anyone or anything.
Be your own number 1,
Because at the end of the day, you only have yourself.
Love yourself, the way you want someone else to love you.
Treat yourself the way you want others to treat you,
That way you'll know when you're treated badly.
Take care of your body,
Love every curve, every bump, every scar, every stretch,
Love it all!
Don't be ashamed of who you are.
Show others what they're missing out on.
Once you're comfortable with every little quirk about yourself,
Do it all over again.
Soon after, you will find your true love.
Because all those quirks that you love,
They'll love too.
  Jun 2015 Shanell
marvin m brato
Wisdom is a state of thinking
that enables man to know
right from wrong;

Knowledge is acquired
through laborious study
limited to the level
of learning earned.
  Jun 2015 Shanell
Rain is falling.

   Thunder is crashing.

        Lightening is striking.

That's a daily;

    How can it not be?

        This isn't just a storm.

Electricity and precipitation?

    Honey, they aren't from the sky;

         Not tonight.

Tonight, you inquire?

   That's sad but simple, you see,

        The storm comes from the heart

         inside of me.

  Jun 2015 Shanell
Shan Coralde
Unless I love myself you won't love me
and so I searched for what it could be
Love is what I have aspired
for love is what I have lacked

can I become the man for you?
a man doesn't make you cry
A man holds you tender in cold nights
A man makes you smile during hard times

How can I be the man for you?
You cried when I left you
I didn't knew I was being cold to you
And I wasn't there when you needed me

Would you forgive this stupid me?
for giving up on the love I thought wasn't true
I gave up the past to be with you
because you gave yours up for me

Now I ask a chance that could hurt you
A gamble that I want us both to do
Together is all I need
I love you, please love me.
to the girl I love, I hope you'll find it in your heart to love me back again.
Shanell Mar 2013
No one would take the gun away if I threatened to put a bullet through my head.

No one would pump my stomach if I took a hand full of pills.

No one would grab a fire extinguisher if I were to set myself ablaze.

No one would give me CPR if I were to jump off a bridge and let water fill my lungs.

No one would put pressure on my wounds if I were to cut this way and that.

No one would grab 'the jaws of life' and pull me from my car if I were to drive it into a wreck.

No one would cut the rope and save me if I were to hang myself.

If I were to die tonight, I'd be all alone - waiting for the angels or the darkness to make me a new home.
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