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marvin m brato Nov 2018
Flowers that came with love letters,
often made you smiled upon my visits.
reading my poetry aloud cheered you,
complimented with kisses as my reward.
every moment of those happy reminiscent,
secured the love we used to savor with zest.

My heart is becoming lonesome,
every day I long for your loving care;
now it dried up like a dying ember.

Then why you keep nagging,
of the things that you yourself don't share?

I wonder though if you still care,
now I doubt this love is still secure.
for today you're keeping a distance,
in almost everything that you do.
demands for secular pleasures,
endanger the emotional knot we tied.
love that blossoms before now dies,
infusing some doubts and few lies.
to both our hearts which start to melt,
yielding to the temptation of infidelity.
marvin m brato Nov 2018
My son is me in double,
i love him as I love his son.
can I tolerate his behavior?
have I not done good enough,
as a father who works hard.
everything I aspire is for him,
leading him by giving support;
although it is never enough.
nothing I offer are for his good,
giving what I didn't enjoy myself.
emotional tantrums or secular wishes,
listening to his dreams I always do;
on my shoulder to lean I let him be.

My son is me in replica,
as though I see myself in him.
reminding me of the memoirs,
viewed reminiscence of my youth!
i cannot afford to witness him fall,
now that he is a victim of the trials.

Being my son's father,
reiterates in blood by his son.
another me in my grandson's birth,
to walk together to face the challenges,
of being three in one in blood.
marvin m brato Nov 2018
May tomorrow makes you realize my boy
In this world your life is not a toy
Can you not listen to my lecturing
Hear me when I am talking
At this moment in time
Exert your effort to shine
Let your energy flow freely
At things worthwhile not deadly
Now is the time to understand
Go for good things at hand
Evil things never bring good
Living with it excites bad mood
Overcome all trials as you could.

My son I do care for you
And your mom too loves you
Reach out for your ambition
View life as innate inspiration
In the end you will succeed
Now act best and proceed.

Play your part as cool
In dealing with any fool
Zealous act is best
At time to pass a test
Receive all good advices
Real man can say no to vices
On his own stead without caprices.

Beware of evil company
Refute the tale of baloney
Attend to those with good characters
Treat them as your own brothers
Over the bad others.
marvin m brato Nov 2018
Ardent love I see
Not hidden but free.
And I will surely ask
Love that bears a task.
Endurance is the name
A test for truth not game,
Heed to sincerity not shame.

Best love will live
On mistakes can forgive.
Now men fully understand
Innate love can withstand.
Freedom I dare set forth
Accepts real love's worth.
Close your eyes and feel
In your heart you can tell,
On how you and I fit well.

Be honest my dear
And stay close to hear.
Call our hearts to combine
Obedience to love is sublime.
Now is the time for us to indulge
Give ourselves the time to divulge.
Come say to me your heart's desire
Or not if your love I can 't set on fire.
marvin m brato Nov 2018
The soul of true poets are purest
their goodwill thrive in the heart
none can ever **** their expression
instinct and intuition their weapon

The body of poets are finite
but their spirits are infinite
bards compositions will last
as poetry itself is everlasting

No poet killer can annihilate
any true poet whose only intent
is to inform the world of the truth
whoever that poet killer be dies first

True poets are ever invincible
they are protected by a shield
of freedom quite self-expressive
and meaningful poems of substance
marvin m brato Nov 2018
Time flies swiftly
as the wind drift chilly
soothing this forlorn heart
as I stand still when you depart

Time seems eternity
as days sway in continuity
longing for your presence
as I feel void in your absence

Time is life I take
as true love I cannot forsake
lingering in time I'll be wishing
till the end of time I'll be waiting
marvin m brato Nov 2018
When life becomes meaningless
no matter what you do seem useless
and all opportunities you grab wasted
broken dreams lurking with self busted
everything you hold on now starts to fall
drags you feel pushed against the wall
realization of life is at the cutting edge.

When life becomes the darkest
no hope of light makes you weakest
and things you touch soon are dead
failure always cling to you instead
you try to survive from uncertainties
yet your ego succumbs to all the vanities
Doubt overcomes self to feel the cutting edge.

Though life becomes vague
Do not give up to fight the plague
For quitters do not win any endeavor
Hang on lit the ember to light you with fervor
For as long as you have the courage to go forward
Then no amount of deterrents can make you a coward
And in the end you will be able to override the cutting edge.
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