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Jules Apr 10
Enter the dark parts of my mind.

The pieces that aren't really pieces
but are like the vast black holes
sprinkled throughout the universe

You'll never leave
imprinted in my gray matter forever

Lost and spinning
You may resurface every now and then,
forcing my brain cells to collide and remind me of you

I wish I could rip you from my memories,
extinguish the artificial light you emitted

But what would happen then?
What is a thing without what came before?
Jules Apr 10
I can feel the words aching to escape.

I trace the lines on my own skin,
I wish I could apologize for all the hate that I give.

Stuck between a rock and a hard place
and the joke is that I'm both.

It's all fun and games until I realize I'm slowly tearing myself apart
just like the wallpaper in the new house
ripping away and exposing the layers

I'm raw

Plunging deeper
digging this hole that I'll soon be stuck in

Lazy ****.
originally written on 1.31.19
Jules Apr 10
There are roses in my veins,
clouds in my lungs,
my bones are made of stone.

Honey drips from my tongue
with every word I speak
there are ashes on the floor.

My eyelids flutter like the wings of a butterfly
and I realize

I am drowning.

This art I have become is imploding
I am smothering myself from the inside out.

The fire within me has extinguished
but I burn everything I touch.
originally written on 1.5.19

— The End —