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CJ M Sep 2015
A new day's breeze can be the wind flowing over a dawn's night, or it could be vice versa.
But what is a new day?
A time frame maybe? Or perhaps a general lighting period....
Or perhaps it's a way of telling the warmth of your breath as it breathes pleasure on my neck as I lay beside you, leaning over with warm ****** kisses spanning from your milk chocolate forehead to your cocoa colored inner thighs, down to the creme colored bottoms of your **** soles.
I can raise a tingle as my hands lightly graze over your body, causing goose-bumps on exposed flesh, my tongue sliding over you, lips puckered now and again to place a calculated kiss in an area in need of ****** love.
Lips bitten, cheeks reddened even inder your skin tone, eyes closed yet still at attention, I begin to rub you, easing hands down and fondling your reproductive jewels, ******* in first and index finger shortly follows, acompanied by sensually tangible senses. Fists clenched, legs gaped, toes curled, I enjoy the sight to its fullest.
Fingers being soaked in ****** juices and noises formed from the loosed friction of you, I pull both fingers out, but not too far, and plunge them into the warm, wet abyss once more. Heavy moan, ***** bone, soaking fingers forced to slide out once more, being colder because of the temperature difference.I place the cool soaked tools over your mound and rub it furiously, questioning your enjoyment.
Seductive smile, swaying hair as you nod, hands once balled now on my hand guiding my hand in motions fantasized. Thick hips moving and bucking as our gazes lock in an eternal emotional interconnection. I kiss your lips and playfuly bite the bottom of one now and again before my tongue probes between both lips.
Tangled tongues, scratching skins, you slow me down and push me away, keeping eye contact. You unzip me and climb on to, scraping warm, attentive skin agains it, jolting me with pleasure.
From this point, both of our bodies connected as one, you on my baren lap and me deep inside of you, you begin to softly and slowly bounce, shaking clothed cleavage and abruptly bumping my ****** a few notches sooner.
Bouncing *******, hands in hair, head leaned back with moans escaping in small gasps directed at the ceiling, I grab on the back of you and grip tightly, moving you faster up and down, forcing your gasps to audibly increase.
grinding like coffee, shaking with sincerity, we do this for what seems to us to be an infinite forever of **** pleasure and ***** helplessness that makes us both ******, gushing mutual ****** juices everywhere. The warmth of my seed sliding down slowly inside of you, your wet juices leaking and lubricating.
Love was made, yet we were ****-frozen, once we leave there is no going back, no having that feel once more.
Gone like the winds in a short breeze...... And thus I know now what you are.

A New Day's Breeze
I've decided to one-up my last piece as best I could, so here it is.
Tommy Johnson  Dec 2013
Tommy Johnson Dec 2013
Bring the basket down
Keep them in line
Your pedestal
Is not higher than mine

No we don’t see eye to eye
No we don’t always agree
I don’t have to like
The way you treat me

I sympathize with your aches and pains
And I respect you very much
But you look down on me
As a so and so doing such and such

Reel me in and cast me out
You’re always
Reeling me in then casting me out

Hoping to catch a fish
Hoping to make your wish come true
I’m sorry but that’s one thing I cannot will not ever do

I move with feeling
You go on bitter thoughts
Keep it going
After the wars already been fought

You say you don’t need anyone
And I feel sorry you feel that way
While you hope to soon die
I hope to see another day

I’m not you and you’re not me
Take away everything
Hold it over my head
Then it doesn’t mean anything to me

Pull me up, throw me down
You always
Pull me up then throw me down

It really does seem
I am the rope to raise up your dreams, it’s true
I’m sorry but that’s something I wouldn’t do

You call me names
And take away
But then call back
The vicious attack

You think I’m on your leach
I see the beast
In your soul
I say no more

I’m not perfect
I am human
I will protect
The morals that I stand by

I’ll keep my mouth closed
And my tongue sharp
My mind mellow
And my spirit soft

I’ll humor you for the time being
Until I can leave
Or until I win
And you concede

— The End —