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CJ M Jan 2017
My dreams dance around me like shadows dance around fire pits: swishing from side to side in so seductive a manner that I am mesmerized by their show. She is a dream to me. Dancing her body of lust around me in an effort to taunt me into submission, and I dare say I'm willing to submit to her.
There is an energy that she lets off that chokes my breathing when I speak and slows my reaction when our hands touch, for she is the kryptonite to my superman, and I willingly dive into her piercing crystals.
From the flick of her tongue, I know she is willing, come, butterfly, I will teach you how to soar as covers fly over over your body and your mind races with the pleasures I intend to lay upon you. Tell me that your mind doesn't get lost in the lust and I will tell you how much I'd love to prove you wrong.
Oh how I long to taste your seduction. On so many an occasion I had fantasized our connection as you paraded in front of me, dancing like shadows around a pit of fire. And I would savor the sight and enjoy the release of my love that ensued once my mind became clearer and my surroundings become empty.
My young goddess of lust. Might I savor your flavor and enjoy your skin like I wish? Perhaps one day when the timing is right, I shall take you down like I have countless times before in other realities and give you the taste of pleasure you pry me for.
Maybe one day I'll pull your head back by the hair and inhale your fragrance as I begin to devour you slowly and enjoyably for the world to see. Maybe one day I'll have you lie in front of me and open yourself for my exploration.
And on that day, I want you to know that you turned me into a beast of lust as built up like the seed I would eject into you.
You have turned me into a creature addicted to your skin. Addicted to your tongue. Addicted to your lips. A monster addicted to your ***.
You shall see my broken bonds as I tear your clothes, you shall see my shattered chains as I ram you with the anger hidden inside my brain and the frustration hidden deep inside my soul represented by the bite of my serpent.
And I shall abuse you.
Perhaps you'll respect me once you get a taste of the hell I had been through chasing you. Maybe when your back is bent, legs gaping and body frozen stiff by the fear of my lightening strikes will you see how willing I was to please you.
And not until I tear you apart will my flame of evil lust be extinguished. Not until your body is red from my pinches, not until your breast ache from the pull of my lips, or until the bite marks I leave you with begin to ooze your sweet nectar of red tears, not until then will I let you go. Even then, I may lick you clean once more and send you into the world a purified being.
You are a dancer in my eyes. A dancer of shadows and a product of the pit of fire from which you were birthed. But once I have your skin in my clutches, the only fire you'll recognize is the fire in my eyes as I make you moan the world away and the smoke brings tears to your eyes.
This isn't necessarily ****** per se, but it's literally the fact that It is rather um.... abrasive, I suppose. It felt weird writing, so that means I'm doing something right.
CJ M Aug 2016
The fantasies are endless for me, ever the tease is the feeling of mutual love and loving that I fall asleep to the dream every night..

Body rocking happiness as we love each other's minds to a lull, bodies compressed into one as we made a new form of delicious.
It's clear I was ***** minded. My lips tingled as I watched her toes curl and listened to her voice ask for more. ****** after ****** until her voice hit a high note and It would chill my spine into a frozen jut into her once more before my breath became shallow and I would look down at my prey.
I would see that smile and lick my lips in excitement, more than ready to allow this round to end.
She would turn herself over and let me grab her cushion as I gave her the most I could without tipping over and closing my eyes. She would breath heavily into my pillow and hiss between her teeth, clutching at the covers like they were the only thing to keep her from falling.
The feel of her body would be enough to motivate me to continue until i heard louder moans from my baby, she would giggle at me and beg me to end it for her.
But I would make the little devil wait for it. And with a smile I'd tease her essence with the sweet words of linger that would let her know that I'm in it til her end. And then I'd tease her body
ever so softly
ever so firmly
until I would make her body shake uncontrollably and she would move on me, faster and faster until I would have to grit my teeth and regretfully ask her to slow down. But she wouldn't listen. She would have it, and she would have it now.........

But before the ******, I would always awake from this dream and sigh. My mind might be slightly *****, but a ***** mind without action is simply a mind that belongs to me.
A mind filled with fantasy
It's just a slight *** story. I haven't made ****** in a while.. and I'm in public right now... So this is literally thje surface just in case somebody comes by and reads my work :)
CJ M Sep 2015
A new day's breeze can be the wind flowing over a dawn's night, or it could be vice versa.
But what is a new day?
A time frame maybe? Or perhaps a general lighting period....
Or perhaps it's a way of telling the warmth of your breath as it breathes pleasure on my neck as I lay beside you, leaning over with warm ****** kisses spanning from your milk chocolate forehead to your cocoa colored inner thighs, down to the creme colored bottoms of your **** soles.
I can raise a tingle as my hands lightly graze over your body, causing goose-bumps on exposed flesh, my tongue sliding over you, lips puckered now and again to place a calculated kiss in an area in need of ****** love.
Lips bitten, cheeks reddened even inder your skin tone, eyes closed yet still at attention, I begin to rub you, easing hands down and fondling your reproductive jewels, ******* in first and index finger shortly follows, acompanied by sensually tangible senses. Fists clenched, legs gaped, toes curled, I enjoy the sight to its fullest.
Fingers being soaked in ****** juices and noises formed from the loosed friction of you, I pull both fingers out, but not too far, and plunge them into the warm, wet abyss once more. Heavy moan, ***** bone, soaking fingers forced to slide out once more, being colder because of the temperature difference.I place the cool soaked tools over your mound and rub it furiously, questioning your enjoyment.
Seductive smile, swaying hair as you nod, hands once balled now on my hand guiding my hand in motions fantasized. Thick hips moving and bucking as our gazes lock in an eternal emotional interconnection. I kiss your lips and playfuly bite the bottom of one now and again before my tongue probes between both lips.
Tangled tongues, scratching skins, you slow me down and push me away, keeping eye contact. You unzip me and climb on to, scraping warm, attentive skin agains it, jolting me with pleasure.
From this point, both of our bodies connected as one, you on my baren lap and me deep inside of you, you begin to softly and slowly bounce, shaking clothed cleavage and abruptly bumping my ****** a few notches sooner.
Bouncing *******, hands in hair, head leaned back with moans escaping in small gasps directed at the ceiling, I grab on the back of you and grip tightly, moving you faster up and down, forcing your gasps to audibly increase.
grinding like coffee, shaking with sincerity, we do this for what seems to us to be an infinite forever of **** pleasure and ***** helplessness that makes us both ******, gushing mutual ****** juices everywhere. The warmth of my seed sliding down slowly inside of you, your wet juices leaking and lubricating.
Love was made, yet we were ****-frozen, once we leave there is no going back, no having that feel once more.
Gone like the winds in a short breeze...... And thus I know now what you are.

A New Day's Breeze
I've decided to one-up my last piece as best I could, so here it is.

— The End —