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Rachael Judd Dec 2014
Overthinking is a misconception
We think that we are overthinking everything
In reality we aren't.
We are just normal minded people
Thinking normal things
Because we have feelings that need to be thought about
We have people **** on us and walk on us
We have people bring us to our knees
And step on our faces
So how are we to know who to trust when so many people let us down.
We are not overthinking every possible situation, we are just thinking because maybe they will turn around and watch us drown.
Luna Oct 2014
love does not hurt us
it is the people we love
that hurt us the most
Chris Killeen Oct 2013
Here is My
Words of perception,
They can be taken
As words with direction,
If we the people learn our lesson,
There can be no more misconseption,
Its time for a goverment confession,
Stop the digression,
Our class is now in session,
With this
Supposed end of reseshion,
Shoes we wouldn't be in if not caused by
Government Assisted Oppression,
Some ignorant few,
You might take these as words of aggression,
Time to end deception
Rooted in election,
Instead of reflection
Of ones self sustain,
Endurance of pain,
Not just in ones gain
Stay sane
Don't severe the vein
That flows to the brain
Time is here, no fear
If we all play for the same team
Only then
Can we live, the American Dream
James Riddle Feb 2014
The words, they leave my lips
and fall upon your ear
meant for good intention
yet they are misconstrued
never have i meant
to do you any wrong
only to help you understand
the pain that conquers me
but in turn the damage is done to you
all these thoughts inside my head
i cannot get them out
no words can describe them
locked behind closed doors
my mind at war with my heart
misconseption mixed with logic
scratches at my soul
leaving scars and bleeding wounds
some will never heal
Faizel Farzee  May 2020
Man Is?
Faizel Farzee May 2020
The corner stone of the human race suppose to be morality, right?
Then why so much hate?
Which leads my thoughts to this chaotic mind space,
It poses me a question..If you may?
Is man good? or is man evil?
Which sparks this debate....

Man is wholeheatedly evil, lets start with Slavery,Racism,Guns, ****** and nuclear attacks, unwarranted tax, wiping out nations, then skewing historical facts.
Glossing over financial enslavement by glittering cracks.
Like take this virus situation, this whole view seems parallax.

Man is good, same as there was slavery there was slavery's end
Japan in essence has thrived since then
mistakes were made but we learned from it in the end.
you cant generalise, not all man is evil
same not as all man is good.
Somethings are not evil, just mistundestood
Show some compassion and the result with surprise you in more likelihood.

This is my point, there is always two side's to a coin
man were born as blank slate
unfortunately we all know how cruel is fate
some get born into safety others into heartache
with a loveless safety net.
i wish i could share my love with all of them...
in the end what control's good or or evil is the individual minds state
weather it's been exposed to love
more than septic hate.
terror breeds terror
same as love breeds love
this misconseption is a common mistake.
Its how fragile the mind is ....
the loss off hope....
this i believe is were evil lurks
Hungrily consuming our souls.
It's an individual mindet,
consequence is irrelevent
we all capable of being both
its on which ultimately your energy is spent.

Parallax - the effect whereby the position or direction of an object appears to differ when viewed from different positions.

— The End —