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Caleb Wilcoxson Nov 2011
I am sorry, I do not mean to be
The Lonewolf is me, the tale, you see?
Bound I am, both by sky and by sea
My body remains, though my soul is weak.
If you were like me, then maybe you'd see
This heart is a cage, and your's the key.
Your Tears
Always Hanged
Next To Mine
By The Dark Moon
A Needle
Pains Me Inside
Your Skull
Always Filled With
Mixed With Fears
That Always
Bled Blaring
That Always
The Undead
Feed Upon
Your Screams
Fill My Life
With Terror
And Always
Filled With
Of Sorrows
Of The Night
~Paris Styron~
Heartstrings play senerades
with every night that passes by
like a lonewolf howling at the moon
lively hugging cold winds
despite dying on the inside
RAO  Feb 8
RAO Feb 8
I was in a world - I couldnt see.
I was in a world where no one believed.
I was in the earth right under yo feet.
I was with yo girl and she thought I was a dream.
Can't see me neurally, i'm in the ink.
Lonewolf on the lamb hidden underneath.
Red white blue but my accent is green.
Midnight views lifting you with the beam.

— The End —